Natural and Applied Sciences
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


Thanks to its platform strategy, the Bachelor's degree programme in Natural and Applied Sciences offers plenty of scope for students to pursue their own interests in the fields of chemistry, materials science or biology.

The first two semesters form the platform - this is where general scientific and initial engineering fundamentals from chemistry, biology and physics are taught. Selected courses are also offered online in addition to the classroom courses, allowing students to plan their studies more individually. This first phase of the degree programme provides orientation and opens up many opportunities for subsequent specialisation in the advanced degree programme from the 3rd semester onwards.


Those who are more interested in technical issues can prepare for a career in the Technology of Material Conversion specialisation, e.g. in the production of basic substances and materials for battery manufacture, active ingredients for pharmaceuticals or materials for construction and mechanical engineering. An internship enables initial contact with industrial companies. After the Bachelor's programme, it is of course also possible to continue studying for a Master's degree.

If, on the other hand, you have an inclination towards biological or chemical topics, you can complete the corresponding specialisations in biological systems or chemical-physical specialisations. With the knowledge acquired here, it is possible to work professionally, for example as a laboratory manager, or to continue your studies in the Master's programme.

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Management of chemical or biotechnological laboratories
  • Research and development
  • Development, service and sales of analysers
  • Control and coordination of production processes

Further qualification is possible with the planned Master's degree programme »Chemistry: Materials, Engineering and Sustainability«, which is expected to start in the winter semester 2025/26.

Further postgraduate opportunities

Applications and Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Higher education entrance qualification

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • Subject-specific general higher education entrance qualification
  • Vocational higher education entrance qualification (Fachabitur)
  • Higher education degree qualifying for entry into a profession
  • Master craftsmanship
  • Early school leaving certificate as well as a successfully completed vocational training with a minimum of two additional years of work experience
  • A comparable university entrance qualification
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