Topics for Bachelor and Master Theses

We assign topics for theses related to our main research areas. Please talk to us if you are interested.


Robert Scheffler: Ready to Order? On Vertex and Edge Orderings of Graphs.

Jesse Beisegel: Convexity in Graphs: Vertex Order Characterisations and Graph Searching.

Alexander Reich: Cycle Bases of Graphs and Spanning Trees with Many Leaves – Complexity Results on Planar and Regular Graphs.

Martin Strehler: Signalized Flows – Optimizing Traffic Signals and Guideposts and Related Network Flow Problems.

Diploma theses

Harald Schülzke: The Normal Graph Conjecture for Line Graphs

Alexander Reich: Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases of Planar Graphs (pdf)

Martin Strehler: Optimization of Course Axes for Inland Shipping(pdf)

Knut Odermann: Network Flow Spanners

Nicole Schimmack: Logical Network Analysis and Enumeration Algorithms for the Design of Multi-variant Products

Gang Huang: Algorithms and Models for Packing of Rectangular Materials.

Master theses

Fabienne Ratajczak: Optimizing route planning for patient transports within hospitals.

Markus Rogge: Computation of shortest paths for cyclists considering periodic traffic lights.

Christina Huesgen: Edge-based routing problems - variations of the k-CPP .

Laura Maiwald: The routing problem for waste collection vehicles - Optimizing route planning for paper waste collection and transport in the district of Spree-Neiße.

Domenic Mönnich: Algorithms for length-constrained flows on length-expanded networks.

Tom Bradschetl: Determining minimal induced subgraphs of chordal circular arc graphs.

Robert Scheffler:A graph-theoretic approach to Shape from Shading - Algorithms and complexity for distance-based orientations of graphs.
Awarded as the best Faculty 1 master thesis of 2017.

Sören Merting: Generalized routing of electric vehicles - Algorithms for resource-constrained paths and flows with regenerating nodes.

Carolin Denkert: Efficient algorithms for Hamiltonian problems on cocomparability graphs.

Michael Urban: Flow algorithms for energy networks.

Bachelor theses

Florian Krowiorz: The algorithmic complexity of generalized search tree recognition.

Lisa Marie Schachtschneider: Algorithms for optimal bicycle routes in traffic light networks.

Niklas Füller: Maximum adjacency ordering in the context of maximum flows.

Sonja Breuß: Lexicographic depth-first search - Algorithmic properties and efficient implementation.

Fabienne Ratajczak: Combinatorial analysis and solution algorithms for the game Icosoku.
Awarded as the best Faculty 1 bachelor thesis of 2019.

Maximilian Beyer: Investigation of a game-theoretic approach for computing power networks using combinatorial optimization algorithms.

Laura Maiwald: Similarity First Search for Robinsonian matrices.

Christina Huesgen:Distance Determination in Graphs Using Node Labeling Considering the Hub-Based Labeling Algorithm.

Dominic Mönnich:Algorithms for the recognition of permutation graphs.

Aron Hartung:Comparability graphs and cocomparability graphs - Cliques and independent sets.

Robert Scheffler: Optimal coordinations of traffic light systems - Lower bounds for a modified multi-commodity min-cost flow problem.
Awarded as the best Faculty 1 bachelor thesis of 2014.

Jana Tillner: Combinatorial models for hydrological networks.

Sören Merting: Routing of electric vehicles - Resource constrained shortest walks with regenerating nodes.

Stanley Schade: Oriented Flows.
Awarded as the best Faculty 1 bachelor thesis of 2012.

Katharina Kolo: Traffic control using tolling and traffic lights - Analysis of optimization methods for controlled equilibrium flows.

Ines Ulbricht: Flows with load-dependent deficits on infrastructure networks.

Andreas Ullmann: How fair are elections? - Network flow algorithms for matrix scaling.

Carolin Denkert: Oriented paths and flows in transportation networks.

Constanze Nauck: Confluent flows and disjoint paths.

Michael Urban: The bottleneck path problem.