Capture The Flag Club Practical Cyber Security at BTU

Founders of the BTU CTF Club

Aleksa Marceta, Maximilian Gast, Ben Schwarz, and Fabian Mildner

(Hardening steps against radiation-based remote code execution have been applied.)

We are the BTU Cyber Security and Capture-The-Flag Club (or just BTU CyberSec Club in short), a group of BTU students looking to expand their knowledge in all kinds of cyber security related topics. While studies at the BTU already do a great job at giving you theoretical and practical foundations, we found that there is a lot more you can do in cyber security than can be taught in the lectures: Be it designing our own secure systems and pen-testing them, hacking our way through our computer science building or simply participating in CTFs as a team. Thus, we founded this club in May of 2023 so that we can teach each other new skills, experiment with new attacks, and keep up with cyber security news together. Sometimes, we can even organize professional talks to gain an in-depth view into the state of the art.

While hacking usually requires coding skills, really everybody is welcome to join us in the club. After all, Cyber Security is not just about the web or reverse engineering computer programs.. you may also need electrical engineering to attack the hardware that a system is running on, or you may have to dive deep into mathematics to crack a cryptographic algorithm. And even past the bounds of computers, one might break system security simply by combining openly accessible information (OSINT) or using techniques of traditional forensics. If you are interested in the club, we invite you to simply stop by one of our meetings or join into our Discord, both of which you will find below!

Current Projects

Our club is still new.. and so, we are still working on some of the foundations. Maybe you would like to help and add your own mark to the club? Some of our current projects are:

  • Setting up the CyberSec Club Server to host challenges, a more polished website, CTF Tournament registrations, etc.
  • Creating a biometric system to secure and pen-test against attacks

Are there projects you would like to participate in or do you have a cool project idea yourself? In either case, we are very happy to hear of your thoughts through Discord or in the meetings!


Currently, we meet bi-weekly on every Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the VG 1C room 0.04. Meetings are usually announced in Discord chat we use. So if you want to visit us, stopping by one of our meetings and just seeing how we work may be the best option!

Outside of meetings, our club communicates mainly through Discord. You are also very welcome to join us here or just take a look around at:

Still, if you prefer, you can also just reach us via email at cybersecurity-club(at)