Technology transfer

The Chair of Polymer-based Lightweight Design (PbL) offers its customers from the industry a wide range of contract research.

From initial feasibility studies to the implementation of products and processes, PbL also supports its partners in the initiation of publicly funded research projects.

The Chair of Polymer-based Lightweight Design is partner of the lightweight construction center Panta Rhei gGmbH (certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008). This enables us to operate on the market as a company and carry out contract work.

The competences of the specialist field consist above all of the following:

  • Simulative design and illustration of structural components in multi-material construction with metals, plastics and fiber-plastic composites,
  • Mapping of complex production chains and manufacturing process (injection moulding, hot pressing, extrusion, RTM) for the implementation of functional prototypes and demonstrator assemblies as well as
  • Qualification with modern (non-destructive) testing techniques under realistic operating conditions.

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