PYROPHOB - Strategies for the development of pyrophobic and climate change resistant forests on forest fire sites

Within the sub-project "Soil properties and soil fauna" of the Pyrophob Research Network, several institutions of Faculty 2 "Environment and Natural Sciences" are participating. Within the framework of faunistic questions (work package 3 Biodiversity of Soil Fauna), the Department of Ecology analyses predaceous invertebrates and potential pest control services. The effects of forest fires on the biodiversity of predatory arthropods and their control services for moth larvae are investigated with direct reference to the local treatment. Predatory arthropods are important predators of potential damaging calamities in forests. The combined evaluation of the species community of predatory arthropods with high potential as indicators for environmental changes and potential control services for calamities in different treatments will allow statements on the impact on natural regulatory processes, which are important e.g. in the field of integrated pest management in forests.

PI: Prof. Dr. Klaus Birkhofer
Funding period: 01.05.2020 - 30.04.2025
Funding organization: Waldklimafonds: BMEL / BMU (Projektträger: FNR)