• Relationships between functional diversity and food production and quality under ecological intensification (2020-2024 FUNPROD contact: Prof. Birkhofer, coordinator, BiodivERsa ERA-Net)
  • Land-use effects on the functional role of spiders in food webs in permanent grasslands (2020-2023 SPIDERFUN contact: Prof. Birkhofer, DFG)
  • Incorporating trophic interactions into the optimization of cost-effective agri-environmental schemes for biodiversity conservation in grasslands (2020-2023 TrophCost contact: Prof. Birkhofer, DFG)
  • Ecosystem functioning of sub-mediterranean regions: the functional frontier among Mediterranean and Eurosiberian forest communities (2020-2023 ECOFUMER contact: Dr. de la Riva, DFG)
  • Resilience of invertebrate communities in grassland soils (2018-2021 RESOILIANCE contact: Prof. Birkhofer, DFG) 
  • Ecological interactions between ground beetles, pest prey and host plants in agroecosystems under global change (2021-2022, contact: Klaus Birkhofer, TWAS-DFG)
  • Strategies for the development of pyrophobic and climate change resistant forests on forest fire sites (2020-2025 PYROPHOB contact: Prof. Birkhofer, BMEL & BMU)
  • Southern African-German network for biodiversity education and research (2019-2022 SAGES contact: Prof. Birkhofer, coordinator, DAAD)
  • Multifunctional Landscapes in Southern Africa under Climate Change (2021-2024, MULTILAND; Kontakt: Prof. Birkhofer, DAAD)
  • Integrated analysis of multifunctional fruit production landscapes to promote ecosystem services and sustainable land-use under climate change (2020-2023 MULTIFRUIT; contact: Prof. Birkhofer, BTU Graduate Research School)
  • Effects of forest restoration on ecosystem attributes in a post-mining area in Ghana (2017-2021 contact: Dr. de la Riva, Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst)
  • Spider communities in fenced and unfenced forest areas (2019-2022 subproject Linde contact: Prof. Birkhofer, Zwillenberg-Tietz-Foundation)


  • Managing soil biodiversity and ecosystem services in agroecosystems across Europe under climate change (2017-2020 SOILCLIM contact: Prof. Birkhofer, coordinator, BiodivERsa ERA-Net) 
  • Insect losses due to the use of conditioners in grasslands (2019-2020 InsektGut contact: Dr. Y. Xueyan, DBU)
  • Signatures of disturbed landscapes – A case study in post-mining landscapes (2018-2021 TRANSIENT contact: Prof. Birkhofer, coordinator, BTU Graduate Research School) 

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