Julia Binder

Title: Regionalentwicklung in peripheren Regionen

Supervisor:Prof. Dr. Ludger Gailing

Wolfgang Haupt

Title: Vorreiter, Nachahmer und Nachzügler: Governance des Klimawandels in deutschen Städten

Supervisor:  Prof. Dr. Ludger Gailing

Time span: 01/2022-12/2025

Publications within the scope of the habilitation:

  • Haupt, Wolfgang; Kern, Kristine (2022): Explaining Climate Policy Pathways of Unlikely City Pioneers: The Case of the German City of Remscheid. Urban Climate, [45].

  • Haupt, Wolfgang; Irmisch, Janne L.; Kern, Kristine (2022): From Climate Policy Pioneers to Climate Policy Leaders? The Examples of the Eastern German Cities of Potsdam and Rostock. Urban Research & Practice, 2022.

  • Haupt, W., Eckersley, P., & Kern, K. (2021). How Can ‘Ordinary’ Cities Become Climate Pioneers? in C. Howarth, M. Lane, & S. Amanda (Hrsg.), Addressing the Climate Crisis: Local Action in Theory and Practice (S. 83-92). Palgrave Macmillan. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-79739-3_8