Qualification Programme

The main objective of the qualification programme of the GRS (see also »Aims and Tasks«) is to offer courses specifically designed for the stage of doctoral/PhD studies and postdoctoral research, and which cover disciplinary contents as well as transferable skills. The GRS offers courses in four areas, which are facilitated by institutes and faculties of BTU as well as external instructors. This flexibility ensures that the qualification programme is open to all young researchers at BTU.

More information about the four course areas:


Establishing a personal network is key to any scientific/academic career. In this regard, the GRS plans to organise networking events on a regular basis (e.g. open research conferences, excursions, etc.). You will meet colleagues from other disciplines, which gives you the opportunity to gain new perspectives and to expand your personal network.

Subject-Related Training

Usually, the subject-related training will be offered by BTU's departments, structured doctoral/PhD programmes and faculties. In the context of the GRS particularly the subject-related training opportunities of the thematic clusters will be offered. The courses include doctoral colloquia, specific workshops and Summer Schools.

Scientific Techniques

The GRS will support you particularly through a number of courses that are critical to further your scientific/academic career. Hence, these courses constitute the ideal way to supplement and deepen your independent academic work. In this area you may take courses on scientific writing, critical reasoning, writing of grant proposals, academic English, reference management, etc.

Transferable Skills Training

The GRS offers a wide range of courses that support you as a doctoral/PhD candidate or postdoctoral researcher to further develop your transferable skills. These courses offer you the perfect way to supplement the courses of the other areas of the qualification programme, and they will provide you with valuable guidance to further your career. The GRS offers in this area inter alia courses on time-management, intercultural competence, etc.