A doctorate is the beginning of an academic career in many professional fields within and outside academia. It serves as proof of the ability to do independent scientific work, which is achieved by writing a dissertation and a successful disputation.

Before you decide to start a doctoral project, you should realise that you have a project ahead of you lasting several years, which requires independence, good time management and resilience. You will meet these challenges most effectively if your motivation for a doctorate is driven by enthusiasm for research and your dissertation topic.

If you decide to start a doctoral project, the BTU offers you various paths that will lead you to a successful doctorate.

Ways to Pursue a Doctorate

At the BTU, doctorates can generally be pursued at all six faculties and, since 2020, additionally at the Joint Faculty of Health Sciences Brandenburg.

In addition to the traditional individual doctorate, national and international structured doctoral programmes are also offered in various fields.

At the BTU, you can also complete an individual doctorate as an external doctoral student (while working at a company or scientific research institution), in cooperation with another university in Germany or in cooperation with a foreign university, a so-called Cotutelle doctorate.