Simple 3DFounded: 01/2022

Fabian and Johannes founded Simple 3D during their studies. Already in their first semesters, they were looking for a digital and contemporary model building solution. 3D printing with its almost limitless possibilities quickly caught their attention. 

Due to the great interest of fellow students, they looked into 3D printing services and quickly realized that there was no uncomplicated and user-friendly offer on the market.

This is where they came up with the idea to simply do it better themselves.

ePHANT GmbHEXIST Transfer of Research

ePHANT brings smart charging management for electric vehicles to private households. The ePHANT Smart Charging System reduces electricity costs for electric vehicle users in the home and offers market players the flexibility they need to successfully shape the energy and mobility transition.

Seqana GmbHGründung: 01/2021

Revolutionizing sustainable land management - that's the mission of Seqana, a company founded by BTU alumni. The founders, Jakob Levin, Julian Kremers and Stefan Gönner use satellite imagery and AI to enable sustainable agriculture around the world. The small team has secured venture capital and a €2.4 million grant from the European Innovation Commission.

kollektiv stadtsuchtFounded: 06/2020

Joachim Faßmann (Urban planning) and Lucas Opitz (Urban planning) founded the kollektive Stadtsucht. The planning-office processes various municipal, private and cultural commissions. From urban land usage planning for the development model to creative citizen participation, the company takes on all challenges and implements them innovatively and creatively.

Arioso Systems GmbHFounded: 11/2019

Arioso Systems aspires to bring a new generation of silicon-chip based micro-speakers to the market, which can be used as components in intelligent wireless in-ear headphones and hearing aids. The new sound transducer principle for small and power-efficient loudspeakers was researched and developed in cooperation between BTU and Fraunhofer IPMS.

Lubosch Engineering GmbHFounded: 10/2019

Marco Lubosch (Industrial Engineering) and his company develop innovative solutions in the field of production and logistics and the design of technical components. Optimization methods such as machine learning are often used.

easyhive UGFounded: 07/2019

Lukas Dessoy (Construction Economics), Daria Meyer (Bioinformatics), and Ron Jacob (Process-engineering) have established a digital beehive scale to support beekeepers in their work with Bee-colonies. The collected data is also accessible for research related to bees and the environment.

edröm GmbHFounded: 01/2019

German Linz (Mechanical Engineering), Ivo Gebhardt (Mechanical Engineering), and Jeronimo Landauer (Industrial Engineering) ensure a mobile supply of electricity to remote areas- the silent and clean substitute to conventional generators. 

Pattarina GmbHFounded: 11/2018

Dr. Nora Baum, CEO (Construction Economics, Social Sciences), and Markus Uhlig, CTO (Information and Media Technology) have developed an augmented-reality-app to transfer patterns and designs from smartphones directly onto fabrics eliminating the need to print, glue or trace the patterns.

CHEEEZBUDE GbRFounded: 03/2017

Stefan Mehner (Industrial Engineering) and Martin Noack (Mechanical Engineering) developed the Photo-box, which combines the fun of an auto-operated photo booth with the quality of a modern SLR camera.

Arsames Commerce GmbHFounded: 12/2016

Moein Pakdel Sefidi (Power Engineering) focuses on the construction of innovative ice machines for regular and soft-serve ice creams.

kouk-Kowald&Kummer GbRFounded: 11/2015

Marcus Kummer (Information and Mediatechnology) and Daniel Kowald (Environmental Engineering) print what they can in their workshop. In their textile printing shop, you can have your designs and motifs printed on fabrics using a variety of methods.