Information on the mentoring program of the start-up service

What is a mentor and what do they do?

The way to a successful start-up is long and full of ups and downs. Founders need companions in all phases of the process and this support is provided by mentors. They support the project from an academic point of view whereas the professors from the university help the founders with advice, discussions and the establishment of new contacts.

The mentoring programs

The mentoring program of the university is aimed at start-ups in the pre-start-up phase that need a mentor to apply for an EXIST start-up grant and would like to benefit from their wealth of experience. The start-up service also provides free support in finding and matching a suitable mentor and accompanies the partnership.

Mentoring is about strengthening your back and providing additional support on your way to independence. The mentors provide assistance, set new incentives and network.

For start-ups: Find your tandem

You are not alone in the search for the perfect tandem. We support you actively. We will network you according to your topic and your questions with the right mentors. You are welcome to gain first impressions in the section “The mentors introduce themselves”. If you have specific wishes, we will introduce you to each other.

For mentors: initial help, supporters and companions

Startups are seen as the engine of the economy and growth. By converting knowledge into innovations, the knowledge learned in the university is presented to the world. The mentoring program aims to raise potential and actively promote academic start-ups. With your knowledge you can support the new generation of founders and actively accompany them on their way. By participating in the mentoring program, you carry the entrepreneurship idea to your chair and at the same time get to know new trends. Within the section “Founders’ Introduction”, you can get to know our current start-ups better and if you are interested in a particular start-up, please feel free to contact us.

Becoming a mentor: advantages

  • ‘EXIST Start-up Grant’ counts as third-party funding
  • Co-founding possible by a mentor
  • Transfer of technology and knowledge

Becoming a mentor: tasks

  • Management of Funds (managing material resources)
  • Technical and content related support
  • Cooperation with research, teaching and transfer after the establishment