Heritage Studies is an interdisciplinary, structured PhD programme situated the broader field of the humanities. It is open to both national and international PhD candidates. The focus areas include a variety of research topics in heritage studies.

The usual length of study is three years and attendance is required. Upon graduation, candidates are awarded a "PhD in Heritage Studies" conferred by the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning.

The Heritage Studies PhD programme aims to develop, both qualitatively and quantitatively, international and interdisciplinary research on the protection and use of the heritage of humankind. The programme focuses on theory and practice-oriented research activities related to all heritage expressions. It is particularly focused on  heritage and its transformation through globalization. Dissertation topics should address one of the focus areas of the programme.

The principal objective of the PhD programme is the completion of a dissertation and its defense within the recommended timeframe. The PhD programme works to provide structure for the dissertation in an international learning environment, where PhD candidates will all bring their own unique institutional and cultural experiences. To this end, students will take some elective and mandatory courses, work on an innovative research topic with an advisor, and develop and apply appropriate scientific methods.

Graduates work in a variety of professional fields: teaching and research, UNESCO Offices and National Commissions, management of heritage sites, heritage organisations in the public and private sector, consultancy firms, tourism operators, museums, and other heritage related institutions.