Welcome and Registration Point for international students

Our Welcome and Registration Point supports you with the enrolment process and with your start at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg: Meet or chat with BTU students, find a BTU Buddy and get all the relevant information about the enrolment as well as your first steps in Cottbus and Senftenberg after enrolment.

9 September till 25 October 2024:
on campus Cottbus
main campus, main building, room 4.29, Mon till Thu, 10 am - 3 pm; Fr 10 am - 12 pm (CET)
on campus Senftenberg
main building, room 2.205, Tue and Thu, 10 am - 3 pm (CET)
BTU Onboarding-Sessions for First-Year Students

What’s it about?

In our BTU Info Sessions, we will give you useful tips on how to prepare for your studies in Germany. In addition, you can ask your questions in the chat feature and these will all be answered individually ...

Questions such as ...

  • How does enrolment at BTU work?
  • Which documents do I have to submit?
  • When do I get my Student ID Card?
  • ... and much more!

What are the topics?

  • Entry/Visa
  • Housing
  • Financing
  • Arrival
  • Enrolment
  • Student Life
  • Start of your Studies

Who are these sessions for?

These sessions are for all prospective BTU students, who have already received letter of admission from the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

When and where?

  • Dates:
    • Thursday, 11 July 2024
    • Wednesday, 31 July 2024
    • Wednesday, 28 August 2024
    • Wednesday, 25 September 2024
  • via Cisco WebEx
  • Bilingual in English (3:00 PM) and German (4:00 PM)
  • Information on how to gain access to these sessions will be forwarded to all admitted BTU students via e-mail, just a few days before
Fill in the online application of enrolment form via myBTU
  • Please click on request of enrolment in your myBTU-Portal, as soon as you received letter of admission
  • Fill in the application of enrolment form and print it off
  • Sign the application of enrolment form and scan it in or photograph it

If you are not sure how to fill out the online enrolment form in myBTU-Portal, watch the video using this link.

Upload your application of enrolment form & additional documents

Upload the documents required for enrolment in your myBTU-Portal in the corresponding upload field (see below). This needs to be done no later than September 30, 2024!

Mandatory documents
Enrolment application with your original signature
(download available in application overview of your myBTU-Portal)
Signed enrolment application
Passport (or ID card for EU citizens), both sidesPassport (or ID card for EU citizens), both sides
Valid Visa or Residence Permit with Zusatzblatt (if applicaple)If applicable, visa for study purposes (if necessary-priority for all non-EU-citizens)
Completed Emergency Contact FormCompleted Emergency Contact Form
Additional documents, if applicable
Missing document according to letter of admission (e.g. proof of language proficiency)Conditions according to letter of admission
Degree certicate (if listed as missing document in letter of admission)Certficate and transcript of the bachelor’s or higher degree
Complete CV/Resume in tabular form (if not submitted with the application)Other documents
Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung (exmatriculation certificate, if you were already enroled at a German university before)Certificate of withdrawal from the last university attended with details of the university and programme-related semesters
Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung (proof of right to take examination, if you were already enrolled in a comparable subject at a German university)Clearance certificate (proof of the right to examination after discontinuing a previous university degree in Germany)    
Letter of award from a scholarship provider (only if you receive a scholarship that is financed in whole or in part by German public funds)Other documents
Miscellaneous Documents
Additional documents that you consider as relevant for your enrolment (e.g. proof of health insurance, proof of payment of the semester fee)Other documents

Good to know: We will inform you by e-mail as soon as we have checked your uploaded documents. In case documents are missing or have not been submitted in the right form, you will have the possibility to submit them later.

Also Important: Your Health Insurance

You need a health insurance to enrol at the BTU. Information on the health insurance policies accepted for enrolment in Germany can be found here.

Pay your semester fee
  • Please pay the semester fee as soon as you have submitted your online enrolment application. You will also find all the relevant information on transferring the semester fee on your enrolment form.

Please note:

The university cannot cover any additional costs incurred by transferring the fees from abroad. Please also note the current exchange rate.

The semester fees do not necessarily have to be transferred from your account. There is for instance the possibility that someone else transfers your semester fee for you. The payment reference (the student code) is decisive so that we can assign the payment to the correct student. You can find your payment reference on your enrolment application form.

Health insurance

You need health insurance to enrol at the BTU. Information on health insurance accepted for studying in Germany as well as exemption options for private insurance can be found here.

Please remember: We can only complete your enrollment once you have contacted a statutory health insurance company and they have confirmed that you have sufficient insurance coverage!

Apply for a student dormitory

Apply early for a place in a hall of residence, as the "first come, first serve principle" applies -> you can find all further information here.

Visit our Welcome & Registration Point

At our Welcome & Registration Point you can talk and chat with our international tutors. There we will welcome you on site in Cottbus and Senftenberg from 9th September 2024.

Welcome und Registration Point9 September till 25 October 2024
On Campus
  • Cottbus: main campus, main building, room 4.29
    Mon till Thu, 10 - 15; Fr 10 - 12 (CET)
  • Senftenberg: main building, room 2.205
    Tue and Thu, 10 am - 3 pm (CET)
BTU Online Onboarding Course

Start your journey at BTU  now!
This offer is mainly designed for international students who have not studied or lived in Germany before.

Get exciting insights into studying at BTU and life in Cottbus or Senftenberg, follow the interactive checklist for a successful start to your studies, connect with other students, and learn your first words in German — our online onboarding course provides you access to many helpful information in an an engaging and interactive format.

Registration for the course:

Are you already enrolled at BTU?

  •  Sign in directly here with your BTU account.

Do you have your admission letter but are not yet enrolled?

  •  Simply register here with the email address you used for your application, e.g., at uniAssist.
  • Afterwards, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Activate the link.
  • Now you can start the onboarding course immediately by signing on the here (BTU digital projects plattform).
Pick up your Student ID (Chip Card)

As soon as you are enroled, you will be informed by e-mail when and where you can pick up your Student ID (Chip Card). If you have any questions about your Student ID, please contact Admissions & Registrar's Office.

Please remember to enrol before you arrive in Cottbus or Senftenberg. This is the only way we can ensure that your student ID is ready when you arrive.

Information on starting your semester and events
  • Programme for the BTU introductory programme -> LINK
  • German courses -> LINK
  • Orientation week at the start of the semester -> www.otiwo.de
  • Student Activities Offer from the International Relations Office -> LINK
BTU's digital platforms for study management, course registration, and eLearning

After enrolment you will gain access to BTU's online portals:

1. The myBTU-Portal is BTU's platform for student self-management:

  • View and download your certificates and notifications
  • View information about the payment of your fees
  • Submit applications for leave of absence, exmatriculation and view their processing
  • Change your contact details

2. Students have to register on BTU's eLearning platform Moodle with the BTU-Account and password. The Moodle platform will be used for getting access to individual module related assignments, notes, lectures and updated information by the Professors. The Moodle application can be downloaded on mobile phones, tablets and accessed on desktops.

3. Students have to separately register for individual module examination on BTU Online Portal.

  • Login into the online portal with BTU-Account.
  • Open registration and deregistration section.
  • Register or de-register for examinations.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail to your BTU e-mail address.
  • You can also download a transcript of results.
Registering at the City Administration Office

In Germany, all persons who rent an accommodation, as well as all persons who will be residing in Germany for more than three months are obligated to register their address. Normally within two weeks after your arrival in Cottbus or Senftenberg, you and your family members must register your address at the City Administration Office (Stadtbüro). After registering your address, you will receive an official proof of residence (Meldebescheinigung), which is needed before you can open a bank account.

City Administration Office Cottbus (Stadtbüro)

Karl-Marx-Str. 67
03044 Cottbus

You can easily book an appointment online. Therefore click here and choose „Stadtbüro allgemein / Beantragung Ausweise und Reisepässe – Erdgeschoss“. Choose number 1 in the field „Stadtbüro“ and click on „Weiter“. Then click on „Stadtbüro auswählen“ and choose a day and time. Afterwards click on „Ja“, add your personal details, accept the data policy und click on „Reservieren“. You will then automatically receive an e-mail with a confirmation link (Bestätigungs-Link) that you must click on within an hour to book the appointment. Hint: Often Monday and Thursday mornings (approx. 8-9 a.m.) prompt appointments are available.

Registration Office Senftenberg (Einwohnermeldeamt Senftenberg)

Rathausstraße 8
01968 Senftenberg

Office hours:

Monday: 9-12 I 13-16 h
Tuesday: 9-12 I 13-18 h
Thursday: 9-12 I 13-16:30 h

To register, you will need:

  • Your confirmation by your landlord (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)
  • Your passport or ID
Open a bank account

If you plan to live and work in Germany for an extended period of time, receive a salary or scholarship, or need to pay rent, it makes sense for you to open a German bank account. 

For your convenience, there are several types of bank accounts. We recommend a checking account, which means that you will receive a Euro Cheque-card (EC-Card) to use. With an EC-Card, you can withdraw money from ATMs and also use it to pay in supermarkets, stores, Deutsche Bahn ticket machines and most restaurants.

If you want to open a new checking account, you will need to bring the following documents:

  • Passport or equivalent ID
  • Visa
  • Proof of residence (Meldebescheinigung) (from the City Adminstration Office)
  • Current certificate of enrolment
  • Tax identification number (can be submitted later)

In Germany, there are many different state-run (Sparkasse, Volksbank) and private banks for you to choose from. The services offered by these banks are very similar, but there are also some differences. For example, each bank might have different account management fees, offer additional services and either have more or fewer ATMs located throughout Germany.

Apply for a residence permit

For technical reasons, you must wait at least one two days after registering your address at the city office before you are allowed to apply for a residence or work permit. At least six weeks before your visa expires, you should make an appointment to apply for a residence permit at the Foreigners' Registration Office.

Foreigners‘ Registration Office Cottbus (Ausländerbehörde Cottbus)
Karl-Marx-Str. 67
03044 Cottbus

You can easily book an appointment online. Therefore click here and choose „Allgemeine Ausländerangelegenheiten ((u.a. Studierende …))“. Choose number 1 in the field „Beantragung von Dokumenten“, and click on „Weiter“. Then click on „Ausländerbehörde auswählen“, and choose a day and time. Afterwards click on „Ja“, add your personal details, answer the security question (Sicherheitsfrage), accept the data policy und click on „Reservieren“. You will then automatically receive an e-mail with a confirmation link (Bestätigungs-Link) that you must click on within an hour to book the appointment. Hint: If no appointment is available, please try again later or write an e-mail to auslaenderbehoerde(at)cottbus.de with your personal data (family name, first name and date of birth) and the reason for your request (e.g. issuance of a residence permit).

Foreigners‘ Registration Office Senftenberg (Ausländerbehörde Senftenberg)
Dubinaweg 1
01968 Senftenberg

When applying for a residence permit for the first time, you should bring the following items:

  • Completed application form for a residence permit (for the Foreigners' Registration Office in Cottbus you can obtain this from the International Relations Office, Main Campus, Main Building, 4th floor, on the shelf in front of room 4.15)
  • 1 copy and original: "Meldebescheinigung" from the city office
  • 1 copy and original: passport
  • 1 biometric passport photo (35 x 45 mm)
  • Proof of health insurance (e.g. insurance policy, copy of health insurance card)
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Proof of financing your stay (e.g. blocked account, letter of award)
  • 1 copy and original: rental contract