Energy and Resource Efficiency

This cluster includes validation and application projects on topics relating to the efficient use of energy, raw materials and other resources, including time and human resources, of the expansion of renewable energies, as well as the development and use of new concepts of mobility, logistics and management.

  • Improvement of forecasts, system development and optimization
  • Optimum network management under high load conditions 
  • Stochastic optimal control of modular energy storage
  • Anomaly detection, e.g. from cyber attacks

  • Supporting environmentally friendly developments of materials
  • Reducing the environmental impact through the use of AI
  • Efficient and resource-saving design of transport processes
  • Traffic control adjustments using weather forecasts

Contact Persons

Petra Hofstedt
BTU, Programming Languages and Compiler Construction
T +49 (0)355 69 3886

Michael Breuss
BTU, Applied Mathematics
T +49 (0)355 69 2904

Medicine and Health

Our projects in the "Medicine and Health" cluster reflect the importance of AI procedures and methods in medicine research, diagnostics and health care again.

  • AI reference: segmentation, classification, pattern recognition
  • Possible applications: e.g. B. Support for diagnosis, therapy optimization, epidemiology
  • Offer: e.g. System development and optimization
  • AI reference: e.g. Analysis and clustering of “big data”, wearables
  • Possible applications: prevention research, early detection, smartphone-based health checks
  • Offer: e.g. Design of evaluation methods
  • Cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences

  • AI reference: sensor evaluation, mobile system
  • Possible applications: e.g. rehabilitation, home care, mobile monitoring
  • Offer: e.g. Development of mobile sensors for nursing assistance

Contact Persons

Stefan Glasauer BTU, Computational Neuroscience
T +49 (0)3573 85641

Steffen Ortmann
Carl-Thiem-Klinikum, Thiem-Research GmbH
T +49 (0) 355 46-38060

Structural Change Lausitz

AI projects in this thematic cluster support a sustainable structural change in the Lusatia both with research on structural change and its effects as well as on the development of new value chains, digitization and industrial AI applications in the context of Industry 4.0.

  • Sensor data analysis
  • Sensor data fusion
  • Intelligent regulation and control
  • Energy-efficient operation of the systems
  • Independent networking of sensors and actuators

  • Maintenance
  • Digital assistance systems (e.g. with augmented reality)
  • Process optimization, quality management and control
  • Automation technology
  • Logistics and resource planning
  • Product and process development

  • Use of new materials in products of the future (e.g. energy storage)
  • New materials for mobility (e.g. airplanes of the future)

Contact Persons

Douglas W. Cunningham
BTU, Graphic Systems
T +49 (0)355 69 3816

Hans Rüdiger Lange
BTU, Honorarprofessor
Head of EnEffCo Technology and Product Management ÖKOTEC Energie Management GmbH
T +49 (0)30 53 63 97 - 90