A career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) starts with a solid education in the core subject matters, is rounded out with hands-on experience in the different techniques, and then is improved with knowledge of the relevant application fields as well as of new developments in the field. To cover this diversity of educational needs and goals, the BTU offers a palette of educational opportunities, at every degree level. 
For those just starting out, we offer two different Bachelor degrees programs: Künstliche Intelligenz (“Artificial Intelligence”) and
Künstliche Intelligenz Technologie (“Artificial Intelligence Engineering”).  For those who wish to depend their expertise in AI, we offer two masters programs, one for each of the Bachelors programs. Note that not only is it possible between the two programs, it is also possible to switch into them from a field!  For those that wish to truly master AI, we offer a structured PhD program called “Cognitive and Dependable Systems”.
Finally, we offer a variety of continuing education opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

The consecutive Bachelor/Master track “Künstliche Intelligenz” / “Artificial Intelligence” takes a natural science approach to AI, focusing on the algorithms and models of a wide variety of AI techniques. This track starts with a classic AI curriculum and extends it to include an understanding of natural intelligence and what AI can learn from it. This combination is unique in Germany. Indeed, BTU is one of the few places in Germany where you can specialize in AI starting at the Bachelors level. Note that the Bachelors program is in German and the Masters program is in English.
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Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The consecutive Bachelor/Master track “Künstliche Intelligenz Technologie” / “Artificial Intelligence Engineering” follows an engineering approach to AI, focusing on the hardware/software systems that use AI techniques. The track combines methods and knowledge from electrical engineering and computer science – supported with an understanding of natural intelligence – to design and implement AI systems. This track is the only one of its kind in the world.
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BTU recently combined its successful Graduate Research Thematic Cluster and its PhD program to create a comprehensive, structured PhD program covering all topics related to Artificial Intelligence and Dependable Systems. In additional to teaching people how to be an independent AI scientist or engineer, this program  also includes seminars and advanced course work to help the young scientists further deepen their knowledge and skills.The program is in English.
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