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Amelina, A./Schäfer, J. (2023). Re-Centring Class-Making across Borders at Various Durées: Translocational Optic, Coloniality of Class Theory, and Multi-Scalar Capitalist Dynamics, Global Networks, (view)Amelina, A. (2022). Knowledge Production for Whom? Doing Migrations, Colonialities and Standpoints in Non-Hegemonic Migration Research, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 45(13), 2393-2415. (view)(pdf)
Special Issue Transnational Social Protection: Inclusion for Whom? Theoretical Reflections and Migrant Experiences (2022). Social Inclusion 10(1) (eds. E. Scheibelhofer/E. Carmel, E./A. Amelina) (view issue)Amelina, A. (2022). Occupied Ukraine Between Colonialities of War and the Migranticization of Dispossession, Blog Series ‘Europe on the Brink’, NCCR Neuchatel. (view)  
Special Issue Conflicts over Migration, Classifications and Belonging: Classificatory Struggles Revisited (2021). Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies 19(1) (eds. A. Amelina/ J. Schäfer/M. Trzeciak) (view issue)Special Issue Societalization Across Borders. Global, Transnational and Postcolonial Perspectives (2021). Current Sociology 69(3) (eds. A. Amelina/A. Weiß/ M. Boatcă/ G. Bongaerts) (view editorial to Special Issue)
Lutz, H./Amelina, A. (2021). Gender in Migration Studies. From Feminist Legacies to Intersectional, Post‐ and Decolonial Prospects, Zeitschrift für Migrationsforschung 1(1), 55–73. (view)Amelina, A. (2021). After the Reflexive Turn in Migration Studies: Towards the Doing Migration Approach, Population, Space and Place 27(1), e2368. (view)
Amelina, A., Carmel, E., Runfors, A. & E. Scheibelhofer (eds) (2020). Boundaries of European Social Citizienship: EU Citiziens' Transnational Social Regulations, Discourses and Experiences, Routledge (view)  Amelina, A./Lutz, H. (2019). Gender and Migration. Transnational and Intersectional Prospects, Routledge (view)
Projekte & Vorträge 
Ostdeutsche Migrationsgesellschaft selbst erzählen (MigOst, 2021–24, BMBF, in Kooperation mit TU Dresden & DaMOst)Internationaler Workshop: Doing Migration in Authoritarian and Nondemocratic Settings: Biopolitics, Othering and the Black Box of Knowledge Production, org. von: A. Amelina & K. Barglowski, IMISCOE Conference 3-6. Juli 2023 (program)
Pilotstudie "Lebenssituation von Geflüchteten in Brandenburg. Soziale Sicherung, familiäre Sorgearbeit und Transnationalität" (Anforschung, 2018-2021)Vortrag A. Amelina & J. Schäfer, "Gendered Violence on the Move? A Comparative Approach to Mobile Ukrainians Mobility and Violence Experiences", IntRA workshop, Paris 11-12. Mai 2023
Mobile Welfare in a Transnational Europe: An Analysis of Portability Regimes of Social Security Rights (TRANSWEL)Vortrag A. Amelina & M. Peters, "Musealisierung der Migration als Historisierung kolonialer Kontinuitäten?", Tagung Narrative der Einwanderungsgesellschaft, 22./23. Juni 2023, Konstanz