completed bachelor theses

Schiefelbein, A., December 2021
Studies on the effect of material inhomogenities and de-fects on structural vibration

Laube, S., January 2021
Investigations of Apanovich's external finite element approximation method

Langheinrich, D., Oct. 2018
Virtual rotor balancing based on optical measurements

Zoepke-Sontag, R., Oct. 2018
Implementation and validation of an improved partioning strategy for a finite-volumine-code to calculate aeroelastic phenomene in turbomachinery
in cooperation with Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG
Awarded as the best Bachelor thesis of Faculty 3 of the year 2018.

Stellmacher, A., Apr. 2018
Experimental researches on the medium load sensitivity of tripod stars
in cooperation with VW AG

Berninger, D., Sept. 2017
Systematic linear analyses regarding the influence of different mistuning effects on dynamics of polycrystalline blades

Meincke, M., March 2017
Reducing the number of degrees of freedom within large FEM models by substituting solid by shell elements using appropriate coupling methods

Chen, Z., Feb. 2017
Mapping of near-surface rsidual stresses to two- and three-dimensional FE models

Krusche, P.W., Oct. 2016
Test accuracy analysis of the Airbus A380 full scale fatigue test
in cooperation with Airbus Operations SAS

Haase, S., Nov. 2015
Modelling and analysis of geometrical induced mistuning by use of FEM and SNM based on Meshmorphing

Moy, A., Sep. 2015
Development of a construction and validation concept of plastic components exposed to pressure and temperature for use in fuel systems of hybrid vehicles

Schmidt, O., Feb. 2015
Design, Simulation and Otimization of a spaceframe for a Formula Student Race Car

Ritter, T., Feb. 2015
Finite Element Analysis of Lightweight Structures: A Comparative View of the Result Quality

Eydam, T., Sept. 2014
Automation of Interface between Turbine Secondary Air System Model and Thermal FE-Model

Alekseev, K., Sept. 2014
Dynamic Analysis of a FES-Four-Man Bobsleigh using a Surrogate Model

Baganz, R., May 2014
Modelling and aerodynamic analysis of geometrically measured axial compressor blades using the example of the RIG250 R2

Wilkniß, D., April 14
Consideration of the acoustic influence of the annulus contour on the aeroelastic vibration behaviour of a compressor cascade

Heinrich, C., March 14
Modal Analysis of Mistuned Radial Inflow Turbines

Stelldinger, M., Apr. 13
Influence of strain gauge instrumentation on the aeroelastic vibration behaviour of a high-pressure compressor stage

Boye, J., Oct 12
Finite element simulation of the heavy tensile test of lockbolt connections
in cooperation with AIRBUS Operations GmbH (Bremen)

Rosin, M., Oct 12
Numerical analysis of self-excited vibrations of axial compressor blades using the example of the E3E Core 3/2b Rotor 2

Noack, M., Oct 12
Basic rotordynamic consideration of simple wave models with regard to gyroscopic effects

Kästner, B., Oct 12
Further optimization analysis of a parameterized mounting structure under consideration of manufacturing restrictions

Weber, R., Sep 12
Dynamic Analysis of Coupled Substructures with Special Consideration of Wave-Based Substructuring

Wildow, T., Jan 12
Simulation, Vorhersage und Auswertung von Versuchen zur Lebensdauerermittlung von schaufelähnlichen Testkörpern für das Europäische Forschungsprojekt Premeccy
in Zusammenarbeit mit Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (Dahlewitz)

Wüstenberg, H., Jan 12
Untersuchungen von Scheibenentwürfen für den FACTOR Turbinenprüfstand
in Zusammenarbeit mit Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (Dahlewitz)

Wu, B., April 11
Blade Root Modeling and Mechanical Design of an Innocative Variable Pitch Propeller

Homölle, F., Feb 11
Probalistic investigations of aerodynamic interactions on integral high-pressure compressor impellers