Interview with BTUAlumna Fränze Siegmund (Pflegewissenschaft)

"Studying was great fun for me, yet it was time-consuming and challenging."

Fränze Siegmund studied nursing science at the Senftenberg campus and received the Deutschlandstipendium during her studies in recognition of her above-average performance. In keeping with her nursing studies at a technical university, she wrote her final thesis on the exciting and future-relevant topic of "Telecare in the outpatient setting for type 2 diabetes", which she successfully defended in December 2022.

First of all, congratulations on your fresh, successful degree. How did you originally come across the nursing science program and what convinced you to take up the studies at the BTU Senftenberg campus?
Thank you very much for the congratulations on your successful graduation. I have been a registered nurse since 2007 and have been working as an exempt practice supervisor at Dresden University Hospital for about eight years. I enjoy my job very much, but at that time I felt the need to develop personally and professionally. At that time, there was no comparable course of study in Dresden and it was important for me to get to know other perspectives after the long time at the university hospital. In addition, I completed my general education with a secondary school leaving certificate. The recognition of the years of professional experience as a prerequisite for admission to the university was therefore an important criterion. The degree program is affordable and the two days of attendance per week make it easy to combine with my job.

What did you particularly like about your studies?
I have never regretted my decision to study at the BTU in Senftenberg. The lecturers are very competent in their subject and are always there to help and advise students. It was particularly exciting to think outside the box. External lecturers were invited to teach and numerous best practice examples were presented. The campus is known to be small, but therefore very familiar. I would also like to mention the staff of the cafeteria and the library in a positive light. They are very forgiving in many a tricky situation and friendly towards the students.

You wrote your bachelor's thesis on telecare. What do you think will be its importance in medical care in the near future?
I am convinced that the future care of affected people cannot be guaranteed to the full extent without telecare. In view of the progressive shift of healthcare to metropolitan areas and the increasing age structure in rural regions, telecare can make a contribution to close-meshed care. It does not replace a face-to-face visit to the doctor or healthcare facility. Nevertheless, face-to-face appointments can be reduced to a minimum by, for example, transmitting vital signs or laboratory parameters in real time using technical aids. This in turn enables timely feedback to the patient and a consultation can be offered via video telephony without much effort.

You also received a Deutschlandstipendium during your studies. What did the scholarship mean to you and what advice would you give students who are not sure whether they should apply?
For me, the award was a confirmation of my previous academic achievements and of my professional commitment. I felt very honored and proud of myself. There is only one piece of advice: Apply in any case. No matter what the decision is in the end, you can't make your situation worse. Just do it.

What are your next plans and what's next for you professionally?
Currently, I am very happy about the free time I have gained. Studying was great fun for me, yet it was time-consuming and challenging. I am very interested in the field of community health nursing and am excited to see where my path will take me.


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BTU Alumna Fränze Siegmund