Interview with BTU Alumna Marie Engelbrecht (Therapiewissenschaften)

"For me, the special thing about the degree programme was the varied daily routine."

Marie Engelbrecht studied therapy science in Senftenberg and now works at Provita Physio in Cottbus.

Hello Ms Engelbrecht, how did you come across the degree programme and what did you particularly like about it?
I came across the study programme by chance. At the time, i.e. 5 years ago, I had applied for several degree programmes all over Germany, including the Therapy Science programme at the BTU. It was clear to me relatively early on that I wanted to work with people in my future professional life. Supporting people in their different life situations in the best possible way and thus making their everyday life easier was of great importance to me. So why not study physiotherapy? After thinking about it for a short time, I finally decided on therapy science. For me, the special thing about the degree programme was the varied daily routine. You didn't sit for hours in various lectures, but could practise practical techniques and deal with current scientific findings in numerous exercises and seminars. In short, it was never boring. In addition, I had young and ambitious lecturers who made every effort to educate us well and prepare us for our future professional life.

The BTU is also very family-friendly, how did you perceive that?
Students with families have a good opportunity to complete their studies at the BTU. There were many positive things to report from my immediate environment. For one thing, mothers and their children could attend lectures at any time. In addition, it is possible to create a special study plan, which makes it easier to schedule and plan lectures, exams, etc. The campus Senftenberg even offers breastfeeding facilities. The Senftenberg campus even offers breastfeeding rooms that can be used at any time. The lecturers were very understanding and helpful in everything, so it was also possible to plan exams in such a way that they could be integrated into a stressful family life.

How can one imagine your current working day and what is perhaps different from what you originally expected?
My current working day looks very varied, as I not only look after patients/patients in the practice or during home visits, but also manage the practice's social media accounts on the side. The schedules are full and there is always enough to do. When I started studying, I was briefly worried about whether I would quickly get a job as a physiotherapist later on, as there are quite a few facilities. In the meantime, however, I realise that I needn't have worried at all because of the enormous shortage of skilled workers. I would like to have more time per week for many of my patients, but I can't manage it because of the number of patients.

You work at Provita Physio in Cottbus, which is also a BTU practice partner. How did that come about and what would you recommend to students looking for a job?
I have to admit, I didn't start looking for a job, it was all by chance. Unfortunately, I was turned down at short notice for my last internship before my final exams. Through some connections, I had a conversation with the head of provita Physio shortly before the start of my internship. After that, it was clear that I could do my last internship there. I was super relieved and already noticed in the first few days how comfortable I felt in the practice. Provita is like a big family, and I was warmly welcomed into it. After my internship, the boss offered me a job after my exams and of course I agreed. Now I have been here for about 1 year and I am happy with the way things turned out. What I can recommend: Listen to your gut feeling when looking for a job and don't stress yourself out. In the end, the big picture has to be right, i.e. a great team, flexible working hours, paid training and so on. You notice relatively quickly whether it fits or not. Through the numerous internships during your studies, you also get many opportunities to get to know different institutions and if you particularly like one, then just send an application to it.

What do you miss most from your time as a student?
The time spent together with the others. The study sessions together, the spontaneous afternoons at Lake Senftenberg and the many unforgettable experiences. During my time as a student, I made friends for life. The time went by so quickly, it feels like I only started my studies 1 year ago and now I'm already in my everyday working life.

BTU Alumna Marie Engelbrecht