Individual doctoral studies

How and where do I apply?

In order to pursue individual doctoral studies, one needs to find a university instructor to take on the role of doctoral supervisor. You need to find a supervisor independently; the university administration does not provide any support systems to coordinate the placing of doctoral students with doctoral supervisors. In your application for individual doctoral studies you need to submit a letter (letter of confirmation) from your supervisor in which the supervisor confirms his/her supervision of your dissertation and states his/her approval of the dissertation topic.

Please send your application to the following address:
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Appropriate Faculty
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
03046 Cottbus

What documents do I need to include in my application?

Application procedures for individual doctoral studies vary from Faculty to Faculty at the BTU. Please be aware of this fact and follow the appropriate application procedure outlined in the Doctoral Studies Regulations for your respective Faculty. The following list of documents serves to provide a general idea of which documents may need to be handed in, but additional documents may be required by your respective Faculty’s study regulations.

  • A written proposal of the faculty
    Faculty 1  Faculty 2  Faculty 3
    Faculty 4 Faculty 5  Faculty 6
    outlining the following two points:
    1) Which specific doctoral degree is sought (e.g. Dr. rer. nat. or Dr.-Ing.)
    2) The title and topic of the dissertation                                                                                               3) A letter of confirmation from your supervisor
  • Data sheet
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certified copies of certificates and transcripts of records from prior university degrees
    Additionally for applicants with foreign university degrees:
    If the original certificate or transcript of record is not in English or German, then you will need to also submit a certified translation to German or English from a sworn translator.
  • A written declaration stating whether one has already in the past submitted a doctoral dissertation for review by a doctoral committee and if one has, then information on which university, which Faculty, the topic of the dissertation and the decision of the doctoral committee on awarding the doctor title


Faculty 1
Dr. Angela Pawell
T +49 355 69-2455

Faculty 2
Dr. Dagmar Stephan
T +49 355 69-2217

Faculty 3
Dr.-Ing. Bettina Ketzmerick
T +49 355 69-4217

Faculty 4
Prof. Dr. phil. Ulrich Paetzold
T +49 355 5818-401

Faculty 5
Stefan Uhlich
T +49 355 69-2968

Faculty 6
Grit Scheppan
T +49 355 69-4209

What happens next after I hand in my application?

1. Applicants with German citizenship and EU citizens holding German university degrees

The appropriate faculty will review your application and inform you of its decision. If you are admitted to the university, then you may enroll at the BTU as a doctoral student.

To enroll, please hand in the following documents:

  • Filled-out Enrolment Application
  • A color passport photograph (with your name written on the backside)
  • “leaving certificate” from your prior German university
  • Unofficial copy of your higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur certificate)
  • Proof of German health insurance (proof consists of 3 documents: a certificate of insurance, a notification of registration, a notification of de-registration); holders of private insurance need to hand in proof of having exemptions from statutory insurance (a respective certificate is available at every statutory health insurance provider)

Please send your documents to the following address:
BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
Admissions and Registrar's Office
Michael Radke
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
03046 Cottbus

After we have received and reviewed your documents, we will send you a letter of admission and further information related to doctoral studies and enrolment at the BTU.


Michael Radke
T +49 355 69-3474
F + 49 355 69-2648
Main Building, Room 0.11

2. Applicants who are not citizens of the EU and EU citizens with non-German university degrees

The appropriate faculty will review your application and inform you of its decision. If you are admitted to the university, then the International Relations Office will send you a letter of admission and further information related to doctoral studies and enrolment at the BTU.


Jasmin Minzapost
T +49 355 69-2768
F + 49 355 69-2108
Main Building, Room 4.10

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