Vocational Environmental Engineering

The growing needs of a growing population, rising consumption of energy and resources, climate change and disrupted ecosystems - these are just some of the problems humanity must face in the coming decades. These challenges require sustainable solutions: they must go beyond our own horizon to embrace the needs of our children and grandchildren, while protecting and preserving our world.

All related science efforts need to be interconnected these goals are to be reached. Environmental engineering has been leading the way for 15 years: an interdisciplinary, integrative and open engineering discipline that seeks to actively preserve and develop man's habitat and working areas, whose basis for action is defined by the requirements of environmental and natural science, and which utilitises the methods and possibilities of engineering science.

Environmental engineers are not only currently being offered 'rosy' and diverse career opportunities with a good income, it is above all a profession with sense in which a meainigfull contribution for the future can be made.

Employment opportunities

  • Technology developers, manufactures, and operators, providers of equipment for environmental engineering need (water supply and waste water disposal, waste management, recycling industry, flue gas cleaning, decontamination techniques etc.)
  • R&D, scientific and teaching facilities
  • Planning, consultant and appraising firms, government authorities
  • Regional, national and international institutions, and government authorities
  • Company representatives for environmental protection or branches thereof
  • development aid, technology transfer 
  • self-employment