Compensation for disadvantages due to additional requirements caused by disabilities

An informal application can be made by applicants for a study place and students during their studies.

What is meant by the term "compensation for disadvantages"?

A student claims that he/she has been convicted of

  • prolonged illness, or
  • physical impairment or
  • Disability or
  • Pregnancy or
  • Maternity leave or
  • Personal care with a child in the own household or
  • Illness/disability of a close relative (close relatives are children, parents, grandparents, spouses and partners in a non-marital community)

is not able to complete study and performance verifications in whole or in part in the intended form.

The application can also be made if the applicant has a reading and spelling disability.

To whom should the application be addressed?

The application is to be addressed to the chairperson or the chairperson of the responsible examination committee, after consultation with the management of the Center of Barrier-Free Studies.

What are the deadlines for submitting applications?

The application must be submitted before the online module registration for the respective study or performance verifications.

How is the application procedure?

The application must be made in writing by the applicant and there are no special formal requirements for this application.

As a rule, the application must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a specialist, which must show the effect of the chronic illness or disability on or preventing performance.

How is the decision on the application made?

After hearing the responsible examiner, the examination board shall determine in what other form the equivalent study or performance verifications is to be rendered by the student.

The specification of the other form also includes, if necessary, an extension of the writing and processing time of the study or examination paper and the provision of technical aids.

The applicant will be notified of the examination boar's decision in an appropriate manner.

Please also note: § 22 "Examination regulations for university examinations", paragraph 1, Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG)

Application form Hardness quota

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