Caring for relatives

Caring for relatives affects many people at some point in their lives. A family member suddenly needs care from others due to serious illness or the consequences of an accident. A new situation gradually arises in other families. The aging of a person or the slow progression of an illness can make a close person a case of care.

In addition to the often strong emotional and physical stress for the nursing staff, this means a great organizational challenge that requires a functioning coordination between the nursing tasks, the family and the job or study:

  • How is my family dealing with the new situation?

  • How can we organize care?

  • What support can we get?

  • Who can advise us?

To prepare you for emergencies, we recommend that you create a personal emergency folder: "I'm prepared – Notfallmappe"

Care portal

The Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth provides a lot of useful information on the topic of care on the care portal at In addition to telephone advice (care telephone hotline), you will find extensive service material and sample forms as well as the family care time calculator on the website.

Intranet - for university members

On the intranet you will find some legal information on the Nursing Time Act under the heading "Nursing time" (link:

Nursing support points

The care centers serve as a central contact point for people in need of care and their relatives. These determine the individual need for care services from people seeking help and advice and select the correspondingly coordinated complex care, care and support offers in areas close to where they live. You will receive comprehensive, independent and competition-neutral information and advice and support from a single source in accordance with § 92c SGB XI.

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