Shaping the future together at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

We are a university of technology and develop practical application oriented solutions for the major global issues and transformation processes of the future with scientific competence. We are aware of our special responsibility when it comes to forward-looking and sustainable progress in our region. Interdisciplinary clusters and close collaborations with our partners from the business and science communities have promoted the emergence of a highly focused profile, international liaison and successful projects to overcome these challenges.

We offer our students an outstanding education, individual support and the opportunity to learn together as well as from each other with curiosity and an open mind. Students from Germany and all over the world contribute to our varied and inspiring campus life. We already offer you the chance to prove your mettle whilst still at university, and to actively contribute to shaping the future.

We believe that we are part of an international knowledge community. The source of our cultural diversity is our international outlook. It enriches the social interaction at BTU and promotes diversity in teaching and research.

As a university community, all of us are working towards shared goals. Each and every one of us is essential for the success of our institution. We promote the skills needed by our students and staff so as  to provide creative, effective and competent input, and encourage enthusiasm. All interaction at our university is founded on mutual respect and open-mindedness.

The BTU in numbers

The Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg is a campus university with three locations: Central Campus Cottbus, Campus Cottbus-Sachsendorf and Campus Senftenberg.

Of the 6,800 students at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, 40 percent come from abroad. International students from 125 countries are enrolled at BTU, with India, Iran and Ukraine being the most represented. 43 percent of international students are female. Women also make up 43 percent of the BTU's total student population.

At the BTU, there are 180 prof essors (including visiting professors, junior professors and deputy professors) - 642 academic employees, 478 of whom are third-party funded - 694 non-academic employees, 87 of whom are third-party funded, as well as 13 trainees (figures in full-time equivalents, as of 12/2022, rounded to full positions).

Budgetary resources 2022 (basic allocation of the state): about 98 million euros

Third-party funding income 2022: 51.2 million euros (further information)
Third-party funding approvals 2022: 176.2 million euros


The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is structured in six faculties.

In addition, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is one of the sponsoring universities of the Faculty of Health Sciences within the initiative Gesundheitscampus Brandenburg.