Learnings Acquired knowledge and its application

Knowledge transfer from the ZWW

The development and history of continuing education, which includes both formal and informal educational activities, aims to expand and improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of learners of all ages. In this regard, the history includes the emergence and development of institutions, programs, and approaches to continuing education.

International projects

"Thinking outside the box" is essential these days.

Third-party funded projects

What can we learn from the ZWW's previous projects?

Scientific work

Seminars and supervisors of seminar papers and theses.

Conferences and workshops

Conduct a variety of face-to-face and online event formats.


Colleagues are working steadily to publish the ninth research.


Honors and awards of the ZWW by external institutions and companies.


The individual stations in the dynamic further development of the ZWW.

30 years experience

Continuing education has been firmly anchored at BTU for 30 years.