Content and structure of the study programme

The university Bachelor's degree programme in Building History and Art History provides a sound basic knowledge of the historical development of architecture, art and urban planning from its beginnings to the present day, as well as its cultural, social and technical historical preconditions. Likewise, the degree programme imparts the competence to analyse, interpret and critically reflect on architectural, artistic, constructional, urban planning and monument preservation phenomena in their complex cultural and social conditionality, as well as the ability to bring historical and theoretical knowledge into interdisciplinary projects and to combine it with practical requirements and questions.

The degree programme combines the topics and methodological approaches of art history, building research, historic preservation, construction history, architectural theory and visualisation and embeds them in the broad context of current new and further construction. In dialogue with the engineering partners in the faculty, the disciplines of building history and art history see themselves as reflective disciplines that address current challenges in the field of material cultural heritage and the development of the built environment against the background of historical knowledge and theoretical analysis. Their common subject area is the history and theory of architecture, building and the built environment. The profile of the Institute of Building History and Art History, which is unique in Germany, thus allows for an interdisciplinary study programme that combines the acquisition of classical humanities skills with an in-depth insight into the technical, social and design fundamentals of planning and building.

The degree programme is divided into a compulsory basic area, an in-depth area of compulsory elective courses, freely selectable methodological in-depth courses, accompanying practical courses from the range offered by the faculty (module area "Context of Building"), an inter-faculty compulsory elective area (module area "Context of Society") as well as offers for language acquisition. In the first semesters, comprehensive overview courses and methodological basic teaching take place in the disciplines of art history, building research, historic preservation, construction history, architectural theory and visualisation, in the form of seminars, lectures and exercises. In the advanced semesters, freely selectable historical-theoretical in-depth seminars as well as research- and practice-oriented project seminars, supplemented by excursions and methodological seminars, allow the formation of individual study foci.