Current Projects

Daring More Smartness - Design Assistants in Mechanics and Dynamics

The research of innovative adaptive and automatable design assistants at the interdisciplinary interface between mechanical design, fluid mechanics, structural and thermal mechanics up to the control using new AI approaches and modern methods of optimization and dynamics modeling.

Contact:Prof. Ingo Schmitt

Verfahren der Industrie 4.0 für die Triebwerks-Vorauslegung (VIT-V)

  • Lead partner: The State of Brandenburg and the EU
  • Research partner: Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG
  • Duration: 36 months (07/2018 – 06/2021)
  • Sub-project: Data management and analysis in jet engine technology
  • Main task: Analysis of the relationship between geometric variations of airfoils and their behaviour within the framework of aero-mechanical analyses
  • Domains: Database systems, Data warehouse, Data mining, Machine learning
  • Sub-project manager: Prof. Schmitt, I.

Ansprechpartner:Prof. Ingo Schmitt, Rrezart Murtezaj M.Sc.