Support of the Operational Possibilities within the Spatial Database Engine SDE with the Managment of GIS at MUNR Brandenburg

(Untersuchung von Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Spatial Database Engine SDE zur Verwaltung von GIS-Datenbeständen im Geschäftsbereich des MUNR Brandenburg)

Short Description: In the use of geographic information systems and factual databases within the portfolio of MUNR Brandenburg, spatial data is processed and made available to such an extent that the previously used GIS technology (Arc/Info, ArcView) faces its limits in near future. The project develops recommendations for a possible migration of the GIS datasets of Arc/Info and ArcView in an open relational database environment using the RDBMS Oracle and using the implementation of new Client/Server-Concepts for spatial data. As part of the project, a practical test of ESRI Spatial Database Engine SDE and of the development software MapObjects, including the Internet Server component within the IT-environment of the Chair for Environmental Planning, is undertaken.

Responsible: Dipl.-Ing. Harry Storch, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Schilling.

Duration: 12/1996 - 09/1997

Funding Institution:  Brandenburg Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Spatial Planning,  Joint State Planning Brandenburg-Berlin

Key Words: Environmental Information System, UIS, State Environmental Information System Brandenburg, LUIS, Geographical Information System, GIS, Spatial Database Engine SDE, GIS- and attribute data management, GISACH, Information System Nature Conservation and Landscape Management Brandenburg, FIS NL, Internet-Mapping, WebGIS