Offers summer semester 2024

The compulsory courses for the individual Master's degree programs can be found in yourstudy and examination regulationsand find out more about the specific organizational details on the relevant chair homepages. Below you will find the compulsory elective courses offered by the institutes for our Master's degree programs from 09 April 2024. Please note that you can choose your compulsory elective modules from the courses offered by the four institutes.

Project allocation for the Architecture and Urban Planning study programmes

For the Master's projects, the places are distributed via Moodle on the "bulletin boards" of the Institutes of Architecture and Urban Planning. Preferences are collected via a survey and automatically evaluated. You will find the "Survey" in the block "Semester Planning SoSe 2024" from 09.04 17:00 to 23:59 CEST

For the regular Thesis for Master Architecture there is a survey with preferences in the Moodle course Masterthesis AR from 09.04.2024 17:00h to 10.04.2023 12:00h

For the survey, please select self-enrollment for the Moodle courses linked above and take part in the survey. For students who do not (yet) have a BTU account and therefore cannot participate in the Moodle survey, a paper form will be provided at the design presentation. Please hand in the form during the Master Exchange in the LG2C/D Atelier Oestreich in the box provided until 17:00h.