Welcome to the chair of Aero-Engine Design

Despite significant improvements in aircraft engine technology over the past few decades, significant emissions reductions from aviation require a step change and reconfiguration of aircraft propulsion systems. Besides, reaching the EU policy goal towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and a 30% reduction in fuel burn and CO2 by 2035 from the aviation sector compared to 2020, needs immediate actions in research and development of alternative technologies to address the challenge.

Hybrid-Electric Propulsion (HEP) architecture is one of the promising solutions for making aviation more environmentally friendly. The HEP concept uses highly efficient electric engines to provide thrust using sustainable aviation fuels. One of the challenges in the practical implementation of HEP in aircraft is related to the efficient thermal management system which is an indispensable part of HEP for a safe operation.

The chair of Aero-Engine Design (FTD) has a long record of experience in thermal science research activities through different research projects with academic and industrial partners. Currently, FTD is primarily focused on design and analysis of thermal management systems for HEP technology, which involves not only fundamental heat transfer-related topics, e.g., developing new heat exchange concepts, but also system level and component level investigations. Additionally, the chair is active in multidisciplinary design and optimization of aero engines, as well as integration and installation of engines, which contributes to the development process of any new concept in aviation.

As part of the teaching activities, FTD offers different courses related to aero-engine technology through which students are well prepared for employment in aerospace industries or congeneric branches.

Does this draw your interest? Then have a look at our internet pages and, if interested in working with us within the scope of research projects, or theses, or if you are looking for employment as a student assistant within our research activities then please contact the FTD team. 


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