Former Staff Members

On these websites, former members of the Chair of Technoscience Studies and its predecessors are listed. In case you need information about or contact to these people, feel free to approach the current staff members!

Technoscience Studies

This subpage lists staff members, which were part of the department/chair of Technoscience Studies and/or its direct predecessors.

Philosophy of Technology

Former staff members of the BTU Philosophy of Technology departments are presented on this page. The Chair of Philosophy of Technology has been held from 1993 (as a substitution since 1992) to 2011 by Prof. Dr. Klaus Kornwachs. Subsequently, apl. Prof. Thomas Zoglauer temporarily administrated the Philosophy of Technology field of study. Between 2016 and 2018, Dr. Suzana Alpsancar was guest professor for Philosophy of Technology, while this department does not exist anymore at the present day.