FAQ Frequently Asked Questions (last update 01.02.2023)

General Information

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  • Who can take part in the TeSS study program?

    • Advanced BA and MA students at BTU who are (MINT, ERM, Architecture, WHS).
    • Students from other universities who are interested in the cultural and epistemological dimensions of technology and science (i.e., students from Eunice, Erasmus+).
    • Education professionals interested in additional training.
  • If I am already registered as a student at BTU, why is it worthwhile for me to join TeSS? What benefits does TeSS offer in addition to the regular program?

    By participating in TeSS, you will get an introduction into Science and Technology Studies, to participate in the module study project and learn the method problem-based learning, to build a community of practice with your fellow TeSS-mates, and to get to know the wider STS community.

  • How can I register for TeSS?

    Send an Email to the addresses listed below to begin the process.
    For administrative questions, contact Viola Bernhard, Email: weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de
    For content questions, contact Prof. A. Schwarz, Email: schwarza(at)b-tu.de

  • What prerequisites are required to participate?

    The minimum requirement is a Bachelor Certificate.

  • When does the TeSS program begin?

    TeSS begins every Winter Semester.

  • When is the next deadline for registering?

    The next program starts in WiSe 2023/24.

  • How is the residence permit regulated for participation in the study program?

    The Foreigners' Registration Office in Cottbus will issue a residence permit 
    when you have received your study contract.

  • Is there a student ID card?

    Yes, there is a special student card that is not equivalent to the full student ID card. It will be handed out to you upon presentation of a signed study contract and receipt of payment of the participation fee.

Costs and Payment

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  • What are the costs for the complete study program?

    280 € (as of 11.2022)

  • How is the tuition fee to be paid?

    Please contact Mrs. Bernhard weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de and an invoice with all the necessary information will be created and sent to you by e-mail.

  • When is the deadline for paying the fees? Could you please provide me with the relevant bank details?

    The deadline is 30 days after receipt of the invoice. The bank details are listed on the invoice which you will receive after contact Mrs. Bernhard at weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de.

  • Will you provide me with a certificate of registration that I can provide to the Foreigners Office in Cottbus?

    After registering, you will receive a student contract that is equal to a certificate of registration.

  • Is there a minimal number of TeSS-students that will have to register for this certificate program to continue in the following semesters?

    No, there is no minimum number of students so don’t worry, regardless how many students participate in the future, you will have the opportunity to complete the program and receive your certificate.
    Completion of the certificate program is possible in any case.

  • What is the standard period of study, and can it be extended?

    The standard period of study is 2 semesters, but it can be extended without any problems.

Courses, Modules, Moodle

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  • After registration, do we receive access to Moodle? How do I get access to other digital BTU services such as library services?

    The access data will be sent by mail or can be picked up at the ZWW (Mrs Bernhard).
    Moodle is accessible as soon as the study contract has been concluded and the participation fees have been paid. The access data will be sent by mail or can be picked up at the ZWW (Mrs Bernhard). As soon as you have an account you also have access to Moodle.
    General information about Moodle can be found at: https://www.b-tu.de/en/multimediazentrum/etools/learning-platform-moodle/moodle-tips-and-tutorials.

  • Where can I find the modules and how do I sign up for them?

    After you have been registered, you can sign up for Moodle and you will find general information about the modules there at: https://www.b-tu.de/en/multimediazentrum/etools/learning-platform-moodle/moodle-tips-and-tutorials.

  • Can modules be taken individually?

    Please ask the ZWW about individual fees if you are not already enrolled at
    BTU. You can reach ZWW by e-mail weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de.

  • Can I receive credit for the modules I have taken in the past?

    Yes, all the modules listed in the module catalogue can be credited, even if you took them before signing up for TeSS. For other modules, please contact the head of the degree program Prof. Schwarz.

  • Is there a minimum and maximum number of courses I can register for in a semester?

    This is an open, individually tailored program, you can design it according to your needs. Suggested are 3 modules (3 x 6 CPs) in the first semester and 2 modules (12 + 6 CPs) in the second semester. To get the certificate you need 36 CPs including the 2 mandatory courses (6 + 12 CPs).

  • How do I register for the exams?

    You can download a form on the TeSS website, then the responsible teaching person verifies your participation in the module by signing this shee and you send it to Mrs. Bernhard weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de.

  • Are we automatically registered for exams once we register for the course on Moodle?

    No, you need to register for each course on Moodle and you also need to register for the course exams one-by-one through the administration. 

  • How do I prove my participation in the modules and exams after I have taken them?

    The responsible teaching person will verify your grade and it then needs to be sent to Mrs. Bernhard weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de.

  • If I have already taken some of the courses that are mentioned in the module catalogue during my master’s degree, would they be counted even if I have already finished them?

    Yes, this is possible. Please contact the head of the study program Prof. Schwarz.

  • Is there a way that the study project I completed during my master's at BTU could replace the one offered by TeSS?

    No, the study project is mandatory. It cannot be replaced by any of the other courses.

  • Can I also register for the study project for the winter semester/term?

    No, the study project is only offered in the summer semester. This is mainly due to the character of the planned project, as it includes excursions and on-site activities.

    Nevertheless, you do have a certain flexibility in planning. If your current summer semester is already packed with other activities, for example, you can hand in the written part of the study project at a later date or complete the study project in the following summer semester. By then, we expect to be able to offer the study project as an online course, in which case you would only need to be in Cottbus for about two weeks for the final event.

  • How do I certify that I have participated in the modules and exams?

    The responsible person must verify your grade and participation. You then send this confirmation and the information to Mrs. Bernhard at weiterbildung(at)b-tu.de.

  • Who issues my TeSS university certificate to me?

    The ZWW issues and hands out the certificate.