Exam registration for FÜS-Classes (VA Bremen)

For registration for FÜS-classes please note the following FAQ:

Is there a restriction on the number of participants for the FÜS classes with the Virtual Academy Bremen?

No, there is no restriction on the number of participants.

Are there any lectures with compulsory attendance?

During the semester, there are no lectures, tutorials or seminars with compulsory attendance. However, for the exam your attendance is required.

Does the orientation lecture require attendance of all students?

No. The orientation lecture will only be about organizational matters regarding the lecture. You can get the slides associated with the orientation lecture in the Moodle learning portal.

Where do I get the lecture notes?

You can get the slides associated with the orientation lecture in the Moodle learning portal. The video-lectures as well as the other lecture notes you will find at the online-portal of the Virtuellen Akademie Bremen (va-bne.de).

What should I consider regarding the examination registration?

You have to register at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg in time for the exam. Furthermore, a exam registration in the online portal of the Virtual Academy Bremen is necessary.

How does the exam will be carried out?

The exam will be an electronic exam written in the computer lab in the basement of the ICMC. The dates of the exam you will find here: https://www.b-tu.de/en/fg-unternehmensfuehrung/teaching/current-examination-dates

How long will the exam take?

The exam will take 60 minutes.How fast can I get the test results?Immediately after the examination you will receive a percentage that corresponds to your test result as follows:

50% equals 4,0
53,3% equals 3,7
56,6% equals 3,3
60% equals 3,0
63,3% equals 2,7
66,6% equals 2,3
70% equals 2,0
73,3% equals 1,7
76,6% equals 1,3
80% equals 1,0

When I wrote the examination in the first examination period, I can write the examination in the second examination period again?

Yes, this is possible.

Which date for the exam should I choose?

You can EITHER choose the appointment in the first examination period OR the date in the second examination period.

Who can I contact if the exam overlaps in time with another test?

Please contact the Virtual Academy Bremen as soon as possible and ask for a certain time to take the exam due to a temporal overlap with another exam.