Teaching Degree for Primary Education
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)


For children, primary school forms the basis of their school career; it is here that they discover their first talents and inclinations. Experiences made here shape further learning and life - therefore primary school teachers take on a very important role as enablers and companions. They support the natural urge for knowledge, activity and experimentation.

Primary school teachers not only impart knowledge, but also lay the foundation for children to experience school in a positive way. They motivate, inspire and promote the joy of understanding and applying. With an appreciative attitude for diversity, they mediate between the individual educational demands of the child and the socially valid educational demands. Their approach to children is support-oriented, respectful and takes into account inclusive approaches to learning together.

Course structure

In the Bachelor's study programme in Primary Education at the BTU, special importance is attached to the educational science and subject didactics components. From the very beginning, the teacher training programme at the BTU is characterised by close integration with school practice. The practical school studies (»Schulpraktische Studien», SPS) are an integral part of the study programme.

In addition to modules in primary education and educational sciences, the Bachelor's thesis and interdisciplinary studies (»Fachübergreifenden Studium«, FÜS), you choose two teaching subjects. The following combinations will be offered from the winter semester 2024/25:

  • Mathematics / German
  • Mathematics / English
  • Mathematics / General studies with a focus on natural sciences
  • German / English
  • German / General studies with a focus on social sciences

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Work as a teacher for the primary level in Brandenburg, Germany
    (after completion of the associated Master's degree and completion of the preparatory service)
  • Pedagogical work in the non-school sector
  • Work in (school) administration
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