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Individual and flexible

In the Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (without Numerus Clausus [NC]), you learn to face the challenges of the working world and the demands of people. This also includes the development of new solutions and new products, and thus the creation of new values. During your studies, we support you in this development. Direct contact with professors and staff at the BTU means that questions can be clarified quickly. In addition, there are coordinators and mentors who support you in your decisions and create a study plan that is individually adapted to your interests and life situation.

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Main areas of study in mechanical engineering

Engineers are the driving force of industry in Germany

The Mechanical Engineering degree programme at BTU introduces students to the fundamentals of technical thinking, creative development and constructive action. It imparts important skills for a subsequent career as an engineer or an advanced Master's degree. We make you fit for the technical world of tomorrow. To do this, you attend compulsory modules/subjects such as technical mechanics, fundamentals of materials and machine elements. In addition, training in electrical engineering and information technology is necessary for the technology of tomorrow. After the basics, you determine your focus of study and take elective modules. The exact structure of the degree programme is defined in the curriculum.

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The classrooms, laboratories, library, sports facilities and cafeteria at the Central Campus are located very centrally, so walking distances are very short.

Still undecided?

No problem, we offer a variety of counselling options so you can try it out.

    personal study counselling
    Info days
    3 to 4-day trial studies (annually in June)
    1 to 2-semester orientation programme

... and much more.

Everything clear?

Then apply for the Mechanical Engineering degree programme with open admission. You can apply for the winter semester from the beginning of May to mid-September.

To do so, use the myBTU online portal. Your personal details and documents can easily be submitted online; the current processing status of your application can be viewed online at any time. Assistance with the application is available in the form of video tutorials.