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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


The Bachelor in Mathematics - a solid career foundation

Come to Brandenburg to study mathematics and experience a science rich in tradition with exciting, ever new applications. Behind every innovation is a good portion of mathematical knowledge. For example, internet search engines, medical imaging processes or robot workflows can only function smoothly thanks to the application of the latest mathematical techniques. Simulation calculations for weather forecasting or crash tests of vehicles also use their findings. In short, our modern society is inconceivable without mathematics.

The Bachelor's degree programme in Mathematics enables you to see through the code that describes the most diverse areas of society and the natural sciences. Because only those who understand the innermost driving forces behind everything can use this knowledge to reshape the world. Therefore, studying mathematics in Brandenburg is a solid foundation for your future career.

Why should I study mathematics in Brandenburg?

Studying mathematics at the BTU is characterised by a good supervisory relationship with the lecturers. Learning in small groups characterises the picture. The mathematical subjects make up about 80% of the degree programme, with another 15% devoted to the chosen applied subject (e.g. physics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or business administration). The remainder is divided between the internship and the interdisciplinary studies (FÜS), which enables students to look beyond their own horizons and broaden their horizons. The BTU offers an excellently equipped library and modern computer rooms with the mathematical software that is important for studying. Cottbus as a place to study is characterised by affordable rents and short distances; everything can be reached quickly on foot or by bike.

With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, you are highly welcome in many companies near and far. Almost all large companies in Germany and worldwide employ planning departments to optimise their business processes, forecast market behaviour and develop new products. There are also many companies and research institutes in Brandenburg that are interested in your knowledge - you can get to know them during the internship in the fifth semester.

Study Mathematics as a dual study-work programme

The study programme Mathematics, B.Sc. will also be offered as a dual practice-integrated programme (7 semesters) from WS 23/24.

Das Mathe-Studium ist nicht bloß stumpfes Abarbeiten von Rechenmustern, sondern wie die Suche nach der Lösung eines Rätsels. Mir gefällt außerdem das Studium an einer kleinen Uni in einer kleinen Fachschaft sehr gut! Es ist familiär, jeder kennt jeden und der Kontakt zu den Professoren ist großartig.

Jonas Marko

Professional Fields of Activity

  • Activities in development and IT departments in industry
  • In industry companies
  • Work in banking and insurance, in consultancies, in research institutions, in the public service

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  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or
  • Vocational higher education entrance qualification (Fachabitur)
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