Save the Date: Kick-off event for the Alterperimentale

Welcome to the start of the Alterperimentale (Alter-Peripherie-Experiment) project!

Are you wondering how it is possible to live in the countryside in old age? You know that there is more to peripheral and ageing areas than meets the eye: health and social professions, regional agriculture and civic engagement create added value and quality of life, which are becoming increasingly important in the wake of climate and structural change. Would you like people in the region to help shape structural change, digitalization and research about the region?

Then come to the kick-off event of our Alterperimentale project! Learn what practical research means and how a new culture of cooperation is being created between science, local people and the regional economy. Following the model of the Heinersdorf practical research center for good ageing in rural areas, two further practical research centers are being established in Cottbus and in the district of Görlitz. We invite all interested parties from research and practice to participate.

You can register for the event via the following link:

You can find the program and further information here

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