Structured PhD Programmes

BTU currently offers three structured English language PhD Programmes: Link zu einer externen Seite Environmental and Resource Management, Link zu einer externen Seite Heritage Studies and Link zu einer externen Seite Dependable Systems as well as the Link zu einer externen Seite DFG Research Training Group “Cultural and Technical Values of Historic Buildings”. Within the Link zu einer externen Seite Clusters of the BTU Graduate Research SchoolLink zu einer externen Seite  we offer temporary structured doctoral programmes.

In contrast to an individual doctoral degree, in these PhD Programmes you are already integrated in a research group with your acceptance as a PhD candidate allowing ideal conditions for subject-related exchange with fellow researchers and students.

The academic and interdisciplinary qualification within the PhD Programmes is ensured by a mandatory curriculum with modular courses of 30 ECTS. Applications are addressed to the PhD Programme coordinator on the respective programme websites. The PhD phase begins with the semester in which you are enrolled.

The DFG Research Training Group “Cultural and Technical Values of Historic Buildings” offers regular colloquia, workshops / lectures and excursions for their doctoral candidates. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate in the DFG Research Training Group requires the successful application for a qualifying position which has been announced for the programme. Further details on the individual announcement periods are available from the scientific coordinator and website of the Research Training Group. The doctoral phase begins on the day of your acceptance as a doctoral candidate.