Hardship application

Application for consideration in the hardship quota

What is meant by the term "hardship case"?

A so-called case of hardship exists if special disability, health, social or family reasons within the student's own person make immediate admission to the course of study imperative (section 11, sentence 2, Hochschulvergabeverordnung -HVV).

Not every handicap, health, social or family impairment justifies recognition as a case of hardship. Rather, reasons arising in the person of the applicant must be so serious that, even if special standards are applied, he/she cannot reasonably be expected to wait even two semesters (e.g. in degree programmes where admission is only ever granted for the winter semester) for admission to the chosen study programme. There must therefore be a special situation.

When and how should the application for consideration in the hardship quota be submitted?

Applications must be submitted by the application deadline for the respective study programme and must be accompanied by the enrolment application, a written statement of reasons and the necessary supporting documents.

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