Master Theses


World Heritage Studies

Kamay, Merve, 2018. Shared tastes, common habits, local products: As study of the Mediterranean diet as an intangible heritage within the context of modern challenges it is facing. (Rudolff, Spallek).

Odote, Laura, 2018. (Rudolff, ). Benefits and Challenges of an unsuccessful World Heritage Nomination – Stakeholder Perceptions in Case of Schulpfort. (Rudolff, Miller Stevens).

Odote, Martin Araka Oula, 2018. (Rudolff, ). Cultural appropriation of the Maasai brand; from exploitation to empowerment. (Rudolff, Prodan).

Püschel Rouliez, Stephan Alexander, 2018. (Rudolff, ). Pukara de Turi - Heritage interpretative framework plan. A preliminary approach for the development of an interpretation plan. (Rudolff, Röhl

Spano, Valentina, 2018. Community involvement in post-disaster reconstruction: the Italian case of the city of L'Aquila. (Rudolff, Franceschini).


World Heritage Studies

Bedrosian, Arin, 2017. Festivals/Events as Effective Tools to build Community Engagement in Heritage and Culture; The Los Angeles Downtown Art Walk and the Historic Core of Los Angeles. (Rudolff, Franceschini).

Brönner, Lea, 2017. Investigating the Challenges and Opportunities of World Heritage Interpretation. (Rudolff, L. Young - Deakin University).

Bubeeva, Elena, 2017. Tourism Innovation as a driver for rural development in Europe. Case studies from Germany. (Rudolff / Afanasyeva).

Ehrlein, Tanja, 2017. Museum Branding and Visitor Perception – An Analysis of the Brand Core Values of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum. (Rudolff, S. Cooke - Deakin University).

Gath, Alexandra, 2017. Expanding Archaeology - Policies of Collaborative Research and Management Process in Turkey. (Rudolff, K. Buckley - Deakin University).

Hegde, Gayathri, 2017. Survival of a Culture – the Tibetan Diaspora in India for the last 60 years. (Rudolff, K. Buckley – Deakin University).

Ignatova, Siyana, 2017. The link between heritage and sustainable development education in context of Bulgaria. (Rudolff, O. Clemens - Zeit Reisen).

Lee, Yan, Loi, 2017. Internet Marketing of World Heritage Sites. (Rudolff, Kreis)

Lippitsch, Theresia Maria, 2017. Interconnectedness of Language and Heritage Preservation. Linguistic Minorities as Contributors to the Development of the UNESCO World Atlas of Languages. (Rudolff, I. Kasinskaite-Buddeberg - UNESCO).

Marin, Isabelle Eliza, 2017. Ecotourism feasibility: the study case of Putna Vrancea Natural Park - Romania. (Rudolff, Bröring).

Martinez Aguado, Ivan, 2017. The Alexander von Humboldt Route. (Rudolff, O. Clemens - Zeit Reisen).

Milner, James, 2017. The Ratification of the Hague Convention by Great Britain and its Consequences for the Protection of Cultural Heritage: A Case Study on the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Iraq. (Rudolff, Harder).

Otto, Kim Elisa, 2017. The Impact of the Khmer Rouge on the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. (Rudolff, K. Buckley - Deakin University).

Rajendran, Nithya, 2017. A Holistic Approach to the Preservation of Heritage in Rural India & Susainable Rural Development. (Rudolff, S. Jain - INTACH).

Shurikim, Kiril, 2017. Cultural Itinerary for Sustainable Tourism Development in the North-Western region of Bulgaria. (Rudolff, O. Clemens - Zeit Reisen).

Sudol, Monika, 2017. The side effect of Ecotourism - Greenwashing. A dangerous marketing tool for the environment. (Rudolff, O. Clemens - Zeit Reisen).

Thompson, Allison Sue, 2017. A Reconceptualization of Sport for Development and its Implications for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. (Rudolff, Prodan).


Heritage Conservation and Site Management

Angl, Judith, 2016. The necessity for reconsideration: A discourse on Historic Cairo´s Outstanding Universal Value and its preservation. (Rudolff)

Abdallah Mahrous Abdelqawy, Wallah, 2016. Developing Story-Telling Techniques for the Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Egypt: A Case Study of the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun in Historic Cairo (M. Belal – Helwan University / Rudolff)

Bahloul, Ahmad, Usama, 2016. The Impact of Urban Heritage Management on Historic Areas, Focusing On Socioeconomic Dimention: Histroric Cairo as a Case Study (Al Darb al Ahmar and Al Fustat). (Rudolff)

Ciocan, Alexandra Iulia, 2016. Coptic Funerals as Intangible Heritage (Rudolff / S. Gamal – Helwan University).


World Heritage Studies

Abu Khater, Nour, 2016. The Future of Syria’s Heritage. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Barriga Montoya, Juanita, 2016. The story behind the hand of the craftsman: Raising awareness of the value of the traditional craftmanship in Colombia. (Rudolff / Skedzuhn - Safir)

Bowyer, Emily Louise, 2016. The Influence of the Use of World Heritage Sites and Heritage Sites as Filming Locations on Travellers´ Decisions to Visit Sites and their Perceptions of them. Case Study: Game of Thrones. (Rudolff / Nowack)

Franceschini, Nicole, 2016. A representative, balanced and credible World Heritage List? A critical analysis of the 1994 UNESCO Global Strategy. (Rudolff / J. King - ICCROM)

Gath, Alexandra, 2016. Expanding Archaeology – Policies and Practices of Collaborative Research and Management Processes in Turkey. (Rudolff / K. Buckley – Deakin University)

George, Narine, 2016. Comparative Analyses in World Heritage Nominations.(Rudolff / M. Schmidt)

Gomez Loreto, Alonso, 2016. Micro-tool for the correct cataloging of the Heritage Sites by themes in Mexico for a proper listing of present and new World Heritage Sites. (Rudolff / S. Harder)

Hentschel, Nina, 2016. The Assessment of Quality of Live in Integrated Cultural Conservation and Development Projects - Towards a Conceptual Framework. (Rudolff / S. Harder)

Ignatova, Siyana, 2016. The link between heritage and sustainable development education in context of Bulgaria. (Rudolff / Olav Clemes ZEIT Reisen)

Kassem, Selma, 2016. Culture-Nature Interlinkages in World Heritage: Opportunities for Enhanced Cross-Sectoral Synergies. (Rudolff / J. King, ICCROM)

Kolesnikova, Olga, 2016. Socio-Cultural Impacts of Tourism: The Austrian Village of Hallstatt and its Asian Visitors. (Rudolff / Cadar)

Livshits, Alina, 2016. Economic Models in Financial Management of the World Heritage Cities. Case Study: “Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Related Groups of Monuments”. (Rudolff / Harder)

Mozafari, Golnoosh, 2016. Analytical research of the urban spaces in relation to behavioral patterns of the community in Shushtar New Town, as basis for urban regeneration proposal. (Rudolff / K. Hendili, UNESCO World Heritage Centre).

Otto, Kim Elisa, 2016. The Impact of the Khmer Rouge on the Royal Ballet of Cambodia. (Rudolff, K. Buckley – Deakin University)

O'Shea, Tristan, 2016. UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: a framework for sustainable tourism development and management, the protection of World Heritage and quality experience for visitors. (Rudolff / Harder)

Roman, Laura, 2016. Visitor Management at Plitvice Lakes. (Rudolff / Harder)

Shurikin, Kiril, 2016. Cultural Itinerary for Sustainable Tourism Development in the North-Western region of Bulgaria (Rudolff / O. Clemens – ZEIT REISEN)

Solan, Chelsea, 2016. It´s digitalized. Now what? Using Social Media to bridge the gap between public engagement and digital museum collections. (Rudolff / A. Prodan)


Heritage Conservation and Site Management

Abdalla Elsayed Hassan, Mohamed, 2015. Branding World Heritage Sites. Case of Egypt. ( G. Hammoud – Helwan University / Rudolff).

Bakry Abdou, Mohamed Abdalla, 2015. Assessing the Role of Cultural Heritage on Local Community. The Case Study of Luxor, Egypt (Rudolff / G. Hammoud – Helwan University).

Fathy Abdelaziz Alhadad, Esraa, 2015. Stakeholder Involvement in Heritage Site Management. (Rudolff / H. Refai – Helwan University).

Fawzy Amen Elsayed Salem, Sahar, 2015. Enhancing the Role of the Antiquities Authority in Marketing the Egyptian Heritage (M. Belal – Helwan university / Rudolff).

Hassan Dawoud, Mariam, 2015. Cooperation between the Government and NGOs in Re-using Cultural Heritage in Historic Cairo (Rudolff / A. Alnasr Sobaih – Helwan University).

Mohamed, Mayssa, 2015. Evaluating Heritage Marketing Tactics in Egypt: Pricing and Distribution Channels (M. Belal – Helwan University / Rudolff).

World Heritage Studies

AlAmaren, Talal, 2015. Safeguarding “Cognitive Heritage”. Case Studies in Bedouin Heritage in the Petra Region, Jordan. (Rudolff / Gebel, FU Berlin).

Astari, Asanti, 2015. Integrating Cultural Sustainability into the Focus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Agenda: Study Case of National Private Companies in Indonesia. (Rudolff / King, ICCROM)

Eyubov, Anar. 2015. Sustainable Tourism at World Heritage Studies at World Heritage Sites. Case study: Sumela Monastery, Trabzon City, Turkey. (Rudolff / Cadar)

Graney–Saucke, Elliat, 2015. Applied and comparative heritage discourse in US contemporary performing arts: a case study of the national performance network. (Rudolff / )

Hotchkiss, Courtney, 2015. Heritage and regional planning: A case study of the National Park proposal of the Mountains of Mourne, Northern Ireland. (Rudolff / J.M. Stevens)

Kalabina, Ekaterina, 2015. Fundraising in Non-Profit Organisations on the example of two World Heritage Cities: Old and New Towns of Edinburgh (UK), Old Town of Regensburg with Statamhof (Germany). (Rudolff / Baier)

Meleg, Enikö Tünde, 2015. Creative Genious and UNESCO World Heritage. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Noll, Christin, 2015. An Inhabited Heritage Site as Educational Space: The Berlin Modernism Housing Estates. (Rudolff / E. Battis)

O´Shea, Tristan, 2015. UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism: a framework for sustainable tourism development and management, the protection of World Heritage and quality experience for visitors. (Rudolff / S. Harder)

Sánchez, Amy Amaya, 2015. Transnational Justice, Museum, and Social Media: A Social Media Strategy Framework for Museo Casa de la Memoria. (Rudolff / J. Capithorne, ICCROM)

Sebetian, Fereshteh, 2015. ICCA in the context of World Heritage. Recognising the role of Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples in World Heritage Nomination and Management: Case of Iran. (Rudolff / T. Badman, IUCN).


World Heritage Studies

Dieck, Haytham, 2014. The Palestinian Tentative List: A Critical Analysis. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Jahan, MD Sarowar, 2014. Strategies for Developing Community Based Responsible Tourism in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Sundarbans and the Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat World Heritage Sites. (Rudolff / T. Badman, IUCN)

Johnson, Christopher Hanna, 2014. Wikipedia as a Virtual Monument: Developing a New Ontological and Semiotic Model to Define World Heritage. (Rudolff / Mättig)

Leopold, Melissa, 2014. Abu Dhabi: The lost building fabric and tradition. (Rudolff / Wenk)

Linden, Ute, 2014. Berlin´s UNESCO Creative Cities Network Membership: Evaluation and Potentials.(Rudolff / Baier)

Minzapost, Jasmin, 2014. Difficult Sport Heritage. (L. Schmidt / Rudolff)

Pereira, Mariana, 2014. Sustainable Community Development through the preservation of Archaeological Heritage: The Case of the Cultural Landscape of A´ali (Kingdom of Bahrain). (Albert, Rudolff).

Perin, Ilaria, 2014. Archaeological Heritage Management in the World Heritage Site of Aquileia (Italy). (Rudolff / E. Battis)


World Heritage Studies

Chun, Yuna, 2013. Evaluating a company’s strategic partnership and sponsorship in the cultural sector. In regard to the public’s perception and its implication on the brand equity: a case study of Samsung. (Rudolff / Baier)

Curado, Celina, 2013. Evaluation of the Action Plans of the Nature Protected Area Plan and Polis Littoral Programme of Ria Formosa. (Rudolff / Baier)

Gageanu, Delia, 2013. Interpreting Communist Heritage: Tourism Products for Bucharest.(L. Schmidt / Rudolff)

Hasaltun, Miray & Wosinski, Michal, 2013. Sustainability Standards in Historic Urban Landscapes: Case Studies of Florence and Istanbul. (Rudolff / M. Schmidt

Karagulj, Elena, 2013. World Heritage Site Museums: Managing the Interpretation of Outstanding Universal Value. (Rudolff / E. Battis)

Lai, Si Ying, 2013. Management Strategies for Modern Heritage in Asia. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Li, Man Ngai, 2013. A framework for balancing urban heritage conservation with development in Asia – A case study of Hong Kong. (Rudolff / Cadar)

Mchome, Caroline Mutahanamilwa, 2013. Enhancing Conservation by Sharing Heritage Benefits of Cultural Objects Beyond Borders: Case Study of Cultural Objects from Tanzania Displayed in Museums Outside the Country. (Rudolff / Harder)

Raymond, Susanne, 2013. Nominating World Heritage and Free, Prior and Informed Consent. (Rudolff / T. Badman, IUCN)

Skedzhun, Alexandra, 2013. “Talkies Decoded: World Heritage Sites and their Representation in Documentary Films: The Orient Through the Western Lens. (L. Schmidt / Rudolff)

Wu, Yuguang, 2013. Online Presence of World Heritage Sites. (Rudolff / Jong)


World Heritage Studies

Chiron, Benoit, 2012. The assessement of cultural landscape in the context of the World Heritage Convention. (Rudolff / T. Badman, ICCROM)

Frater, Paul-Joseph, 2012. The Conservation of Canadian Ice Hockey Arenas. (L. Schmidt / Rudolff)

Heuser Sommer, Consuelo, 2012. Community participation in cultural heritage management and conservation: The cases of Dalcahue ans Tenaún churches, World Heritage Sites in Chiloé, South Chile. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Hörenz, Marlen, 2012. The Implementation of World Heritage Management Plans: A Quality Assessment Framework for European World Heritage Cities and Towns. (Rudolff / Oers)

Montañés-Lleras, Susana, 2012. Persons and Places: Heritage Associated with Individuals in the Context of World Heritage. (Rudolff / Young)

Mundle, Natalie Isabelle, 2012. Analysis of established methodical approaches of landscape and visual impact assessment relevant for wind park siting in historical cultural landscapes. (M. Schmidt / Rudolff)

Münzner, Melanie, 2012. Prime Festivals – Spaces for Development and International Cooperation.(Rudolff / Bernecker)

Jani, Paola, 2012. Prioritizing the Region of Africa: Methods for Bridging the Gaps Creating a Representative, Balanced and Credible World Heritage List. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt).

Sheehan, Lea, 2012. Identifying & Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Historic Cities & Towns: A Content Analysis of Statements of Outstanding Universal Value & Management Plans of Historic Cities & Towns Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. (Rudolff / L. Schmidt)

Štefan, Iva, 2012. Analysis of World Heritage Site protection and management system in Croatia.
(Rudolff / M. Schmidt)


World Heritage Studies

Crowder, Albertrum Gavin, 2011. Legitimising Narrative Sites: A proposal for a more diversified World Heritage List. (Rudolff / Zehbe)