Former Staff

M.B.A Alexandros Ampatopoulos
B.Sc. Claude Effa Belibi
M.Sc. Martin Buschack
Dr.-Ing. Jing Cai
B.Sc. Alexander Ehm
M.Sc. Marcel Halbauer
M.Sc. Martin Heinrich
M.Sc. Ira Hüppe
M.Sc. Fabian Jonen
Dipl.-Ing. Janny Klabuhn
Dr.-Ing. Ralf Kretzschmann
Dr.-Ing. Karsten Kreusch
Dr.-Ing. Yuliya Lebedynska
Rainer Leege
Dr.-Ing. Christian Lehmann
Dr.-Ing. Raffello Lepratti
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Martin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Meier
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Mertke
Sylvia Metag
M.Sc. Sarfraz-ul-Haque Minhas
M.Sc. Jan Noack
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stylianos Petrantonakis
Anke Rapsch
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Reichenbach
Dr.-Ing. Mario Rossdeutscher
Cindy Schieske
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Schulze
Dipl.-Ing. Konstantinos Spanoudakis
Angelika Starr
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Stecklina
Tanja Tartz
Dr.-Ing. Sven Thiebus
Dr. rer. oec. Denny Thimm
M. Sc. Kornelius Wächter
Dr.-Ing. Veronica Vargas
M.Sc. Dipl.-Ing. Guergana Vladimirova
M.Eng. Torben Voelmy
M.Sc. Kornelius Wächter
Heike Zimmermann
Dr.-Ing. Wenchao Zou

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