Finding academic professionals

BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers you numerous opportunities to show your presence among students, to strengthen your employer branding and to recruit academic specialists.

In the info box you will find a brief description of the individual offers.

Job Fair

The annual job fair "campus-X-change" on the BTU campus is the largest recruiting fair for young academic professionals in the state of Brandenburg.

campus-X-change offers you the opportunity to

  •     to present yourself on the campus of our university and to increase your employer branding
  •     to talk directly to students and to inform them at your stand about career prospects in your company,
  •     attract young academic talent to your company.

Further information (in German):Website campus-X-change

Online Job Portal

Do you have vacancies in your company and are looking for (prospective) academic specialists? Then use our online job exchange!

Through our Job Portal

  •     you can place job offers free of charge,
  •     reach approx. 7,000 students and graduates of all disciplines via one platform,
  •     you have the opportunity to find suitable applicants for part-time jobs, internships, bachelor's and master's theses as well as for career entry opportunities

Further information: Homepage Online Job Portal

Matching Day

Employers present themselves with a short company profile, internship and job offers on a digital platform. The students and graduates apply for interviews based on the company profiles, which take place on Matchingday from 09:00 - 16:00. At the same time, employers can view the students' profiles in order to invite suitable applicants for an interview. Spontaneous interviews can also be requested on Matchingday itself.

Further information (in German):  Website Matching Day

Company Presentations

You have the opportunity to introduce yourself to the students of several degree programmes. This offer is currently available for the engineering sciences, and will probably also be available in the future for the clusters of study programmes in construction, computer science and economics. In presentations of approximately five minutes, up to twelve employers give a brief overview of their company and present entry-level and career opportunities in their company. Afterwards, the employers will give an insight into the requirements for graduates as well as the written application process and the interview.

Through the company presentation, you

  • can fill vacant positions in your company with little recruiting effort,
  • can present yourself as an attractive employer directly to your target group,
  • are guaranteed an exclusive appearance by a limited number of exhibitors.

Further information (in German): Website Company Presentations

Job Shadowing

If you take part in job shadowing, a student accompanies an employee from your company for a day as a silent companion. In return, you can present yourself as an attractive employer and use the time to get to know potential employees and possibly recruit them.

Through Job Shadowing you

  • get to know students better than at a job interview. Based on this, you can make follow-up offers (internship, thesis, etc.).
  • become more visible to students as an attractive employer in the region,
  • will have a low organisational and supervisory workload.

Further information (in German): Website Job Shadowing

Partner Companies

As a partner company, you can present your company as an employer, your entry opportunities with the specialisations you are looking for in the form of a meaningful company profile (incl. company logo and link to your website).

As a Partner Company you

  •    you increase your presence on campus and on the BTU website
  •    you increase your employer branding
  •    we can use your company profile in career counselling sessions at the Career Center

Further information (in German): Website Partner Companies

Dual Study Programme

BTU offers dual studies in the following degree programmes:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Administration and Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Economathematics
  • Medical Engineering

Through the Dual Study Programme

  • you can bind students to your company at an early stage,
  • you receive "tailor-made" graduates by aligning the study focus to the needs of your company and by carrying out numerous practical phases in your company,
  • there is no need for induction periods and trainee programmes,
  • your graduates speak the "language of skilled workers",
  • no further costs arise for you apart from the training remuneration.

Further information (in German): Website Dual Study Programme