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  • Why should I participate in the Job Shadowing Program?

    Job shadowing gives you the opportunity to get to know a field of work and to check your own ideas about the world of work. At the same time, you can use Job Shadowing as a springboard, because with this initial entry you can negotiate more easily with your company about a subsequent internship, your bachelor thesis in the company or the start of your career.

  • What is the schedule for job shadowing?

    At the beginning of the day the focus is on getting to know each other. You can ask questions, e.g: How did your mentor's career path develop? Which knowledge and skills are important for the current job. In retrospect, what was helpful in getting the current job?

    During the actual Job Shadowing you will be immersed in the professional and working world of your mentor. You will get to know a typical working day: Team meetings, phone calls, e-mails, client inquiries. You have arrived in the working world and see your future ahead of you. Along the way you will also get to know the company.

    At the end of the Job Shadowing Day, you will have a conversation with your mentor. You should use this to find out whether a similar field of activity is suitable for you and what requirements you should have. If the job shadowing was positive, this is also the right time to ask about the possibilities of an internship, a thesis or a postgraduate position.

  • How should I prepare?

    Your preparation begins with the choice of clothes. Your mentor will probably ask you some typical questions, such as: What do you know about our company? Why do you want to do a job shadowing in our company? What are your expectations and wishes regarding job shadowing?

  • Is there any compensation?

    There is no remuneration for students in the case of job shadowing (you are not an employee but an "observer", so the minimum wage law does not apply).

  • How am I insured?

    Please note that in the context of job shadowing, you are not unvalid insured either by BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg or by the company. Nor is any further insurance cover (e.g. liability insurance) provided by the company or the BTU. This means that you must inform and insure yourself regarding your insurance coverage.