Weather stations and deposition samplers

A total of 3 weather stations is in use at the Chicken Creek Catchment. The first station (weather station 1) has been installed shortly after completion of the site in September 2005. In February 2008 a second weather station could be launched when the first period of the Chicken Creek Project started.

Weather station 1 is located in the upper eastern part of the catchment (near grid point C6) and measures basic meteorological parameters with time resolution of 1 hour.

Weather station 2 registers the data in shorter time intervals. Wind speed, air temperature and humidity are measured at 3 elevations above ground. Downward and upward directed as well as short-wave and long-wave radiation components are measured separately. Soil heat flux is also registered. In addition to the measurement at 1 m height above ground, precipitation is also measured at the soil surface. Weather station 2 measures with a time resolution of 10 minutes. The weather station is located in the lower part of the catchment. These data are transferred daily by GSM Modem to a data server and they include a webcam photo which is available online from this website.

As trees (Robinia pseudoaccacia) are rapidly growing around weather station 1 the data measured here are no longer representative for open land conditions. In future this station will be used, therefore, to register meteorological data within the tree population. In order to obtain further open land meteorological data from the backslope area an additional weather station (3) has been installed in the beginning of 2012. This station is technically equipped comparably to station 1.

In addition, bulk deposition by precipitation is sampled on the catchment at 9 grid points. Precipitation samples are collected bi-weekly and are analyzed for chemical properties (pH, EC, dissolved cations and anions, DOC and TOC). An additional wet-/dry-sampler collects dry deposition.