The COSYS lab is an interdisciplinary research center that specializes in the development of future energy systems. The focus is on researching carbon-neutral and cyber-secure integrated energy systems.

In order to coordinate and monitor the operation of multi-sector energy systems efficiently and flexibly it requires innovative and integrated concepts for control and instrumentation. In this context, the complexity of multi-energy systems needs new methodological approaches to operation and control with reliable quality, robustness and cyber security properties. The development and demonstration of technologies for these challenges are the focus of the interdisciplinary Control Systems and Cyber Security Lab.

Background and goals

  • Complexity of integrated energy systems requires optimal operating strategies, dynamic network monitoring and control
  • Increasing threat from targeted cyber attacks due to networking with public networks, e.g. Internet
  • Goals of the interdisciplinary institution COSYS
    • Innovative, integrated methods for control systems and network control technologies
    • Holistic and explainable attack detection
    • Protection of privacy in smart energy systems
    • Establishment of a highly flexible hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) laboratory


  • Realistic mapping of basic cyber-physical properties of future integrated energy systems
  • Prototype development and validation

Participating departments of the BTU

Chair of IT Security

Head of Chair

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andriy Panchenko