Mission statement and vision

Guiding principle

Understanding tradition, communicating quality, researching innovation

Faculty 6 of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg researches and teaches in an interdisciplinary pool of planning, designing, engineering, artistic, historical, legal, social science and economic disciplines in a constant exchange, the strength of the so-called Cottbus Model. It communicates the results of these processes to the outside world in order to sharpen its profile not only in the region, including the capital region, but also across borders and internationally, to act as a partner, to attract highly qualified students, lecturers and researchers and in this way to become a national and international reference.


Faculty 6 of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers excellent and individually tailored planning and building studies, in which architects, civil engineers, urban planners as well as building and art historians learn with and from each other. It is an internationally renowned centre for cultural heritage studies, a beacon in questions of transformation and structural change as well as a strong international university partner that attracts scientists to the south of Brandenburg through its architectural, technical as well as design and planning-related research. Cottbus and Lusatia serve as an exciting and diverse real-world laboratory for research and teaching.