Dear students,

On 11 April, the courses for the summer semester 2022 begin, and fortunately we can largely return to normal operations after 2 years of Corona-related restrictions. Here and there we will still have to take care of things - but overall we are confident that we will be able to fill the corridors with student life again in the summer. Our outdoor seminar rooms, which were already set up last summer, also give us the freedom to move out into the fresh air with our courses.

Regardless of this, we will continue to use digital teaching formats in a meaningful way, because we know from the experiences of the past semesters: A healthy mix of face-to-face and online teaching can work very well. With this in mind, we are preparing the summer semester for you and are confident that we will be able to serve you even better with this approach and with the experiences from the past semesters. Certainly, the daily teaching routine will also return to normal for the students of our international degree programmes. Here, the applicable travel restrictions or any quarantine regulations are largely dependent on the country of origin. However, should you not yet be able to find your way to Cottbus, we will try to provide you with digital teaching formats as best we can.

In the days immediately before the start of lectures, we will successively update the subpages Introductory Events and Bachelor's and Master's Exchange. Please check the planning status regularly! And importantly: In particular, we ask external entrants to the summer semester to attend the introductory event on 6 April that is relevant for you.

We look forward to seeing you and to your return to academic life!

Your Dean's Office of Faculty 6


There are "bulletin boards" for the degree programs on the BTU learning platform, which are used to share current information about the degree program. This is a communication channel that is especially useful at the beginning of the semester. You can use your BTU account to enroll in the Moodle course for your degree program.

Architektur B.Sc. und M.Sc.
Bauingenieurwesen B.Sc. 
Bauingenieurwesen M.Sc.
Städtebau und Stadtplanung B.Sc. und M.Sc.
Heritage Conservation and Site Management, M.A. 
Urban Design – Revitalization of Historic City Districts 
World Heritage Studies On-Campus, M.A.
World Heritage Studies Online, M.A.

For those new to BTU, we recommend looking at the "Ersti-Guide". While it is written for the architecture programs starting in the winter semester and without regard to any Corona restrictions, the general information about modules/exams and other processes and procedures apply to all programs. For urban planners, there is also a Ersti-Guide from the student council.

For "eye-to-eye" communication, contact your Fachschaft, which will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have about your studies. If all this doesn't help, please write to Dr. Volker Wetzk, our advisor for studies and teaching.