Computer Lab

The computer pool in LG 2 A/B (intermediate building 1st floor) is open to all students of corresponding study programs and employees of Faculty 6. Please direct support requests or appointment requests for plotting to Please use your mail address for communication.


  •     Workstations in the PC-Pool
  •     Plotting service (large format, roll width up to 106cm)
  •     Network drives (archive) for chairs and institutions
  •     Remote access (Remote Desktop) to Windows 10

Account for the use of the services

Except for the plotting service, a Faculty 6 account has to be created to use the services (accessible only within the campus network/VPN).
Remote access to the computer pool via documentation is available here See below for the list of installed software.

Plotting service is available during opening hours. See Notes on Plotting for details and pricing.

Notes on installed software

Autodesk has changed the licensing to personal licenses. Therefore, registration is required and personal user information must be entered prior to any use of Autodesk products in the pool. A quick guide is available here: Using Autodesk in the BiPool.pdf.

Notes on the use of licenses for Rhino7

You can use the licenses from our license server on your devices. The license server has the address (access only within the campus network/VPN). The number of licenses is limited by concurrent use. We cannot guarantee that there will always be a license available.

The following software is installed on the computers in the pool:

  • Rhino 7 incl. Grashopper
  • Rhino 6
  • Adobe Creative Suite 6
  • Adobe Creative Suite (lastest version, personal licensce required)
  • Vectorworks (latest version)
  • Archicad 2021
  • Autocad 2021 (registration with Autodesk required)
  • Revit 2021 (registration with Autodesk required)
  • Microsoft Office 2019
  • Notepad++ (Don Ho)
  • Edge (Microsoft)
  • Firefox (Mozilla)

On the computers of civil engineering (division on the left hand side) and the remote desktop no Creative Suite 6, but additionally:

  • Dlubal RSTAB8.27
  • Dlubal RSTAB9.01 (registration at Dlubal necessary)
  • Dlubal RFEM5.27
  • Dlubal RFEM6.01 (registration with Dlubal necessary)
  • Matlab R2021b
  • Ansys2021R2
  • Phyton3.8.5
  • Sofistik FEA 2020
  • SofiPlus 2020 (Autocad 2021)
  • Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.7
  • Esri ArcGIS Pro