Our research is focused on the development, fabrication and characterization of nano- and optoelectronic devices based on the group-IV semiconductors Silicon, Germanium and Tin. We also explore the use of functional oxides. We combine materials research with the development of novel device concepts with applications ranging from sensors to spintronics. One example is the use of low-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures and metallic nanostructures to develop integrated biosensors. We are one of 12 ForLabs in Germany that have recently been equipped with state-of-the-art processing and characterization equipment to that purpose.



Our paper "Robust Si/Ge heterostructure metasurfaces as building blocks for wavelength-selective photodetectors" has been selected as Editor's Pick in “Applied Physics Letters”:


Our paper “Strongly Enhanced Sensitivities of CMOS compatible Plasmonic Titanium Nitride Nanohole Arrays for Refractive Index Sensing under Oblique Incidence” has been accepted in “Optics Express”.

Our paper “Titanium Nitride Plasmonic Nanohole Arrays for CMOS-Compatible Integrated Refractive Index Sensing: Influence of Layer Thickness on Optical Properties”, has been published in "Plasmonics":