Jacqueline Rücker, Dr. rer. nat. Academic assistant

Biologist, plant physiologist


Fields of Interest
  • Ecophysiology and ecological potential of cyanobacteria, in particular toxic Nostocales (research project NOSTOTOX; BMBF FKZ 0330792B)
  • Nitrogen fixation of planktonic Nostocales (research project NITROLIMIT; BMBF FKZ 033L041A)
  • Life-cycle of Nostocales (German-Israeli Water Cooperation; BMBF FKZ 02WT0985)
  • Invasion of tropical cyanobacteria (research project CYLIN; KWB Berlin)
  • Changes of the trophic state of lakes in the region of Lake Scharmützelsee in the course of decreasing nutrient load and climate change (research project INKA-BB; BMBF FKZ 01 LR 0803D)
  • Nutrient balance of the catchment Storkow waters (research project NITROLIMIT II; BMBF FKZ 033W015AN)
  • Macrophytes; nutrient competition between submerged macrophytes and phytoplankton (research project NITROLIMIT; BMBF FKZ 033L041A)
  • Mussels; phytoplankton losses due to filtration of mussels (research project NITROLIMIT; BMBF FKZ 033L041A)
  • Assessment of phytoplankton for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directiveand concepts for natural and mining lakes (different projects by LAWA, MLUR)
  • Pigment analysis by HPLC (research project LENAB; BMBF)
  • Deep chlorophyll maxima (DCM) and primary production (CEN-project)
  • Occurrence and pigment analysis of photoautotrophic sulfur bacteria
  • Impact of piers and marinas on the shoreline of lakes and reed communities

Other activities

  • Database of the Research Station Bad Saarow (maintenance, data requests)
  • Coordination of lake monitoring program and quality check of the data
  • Supervision of students
  • Project reports and proposals, scientific presentations and publications
  • Public relations of the Research Station Bad Saarow
  • Member of the working group „Concept of lake and shoreline usage for Lake Scharmützelsee “ at the local community since February 2009
  • Traineeships for pupils, presentations for kids and seniors
Research Projects
  1. Phosphorus retention models for pH-neutral open pit lakesClient: German Federal Foundationfor the EnvironmentPeriod: 10/19 - 02/22
  2. Joint project NITROLIMIT II - Nitrogen limitation in inland waters - Is nitrogen reduction ecologically reasonable and economically justifiable? Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), FKZ 033W015ANPeriod: 05/14 - 10/16
  3. Development and inter-laboratory comparison to enhance the draft European Standard on water quality - Guidance on quantitative and qualitative sampling of phytoplanktonfrom inland waters based on draft document N118 (2008/04/15)Client: Limnologie-Büro Hoehn, on behalf of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN)Period: 03/13 - 05/15
  4. Joint project "Innovation Network Climate Adaptation Region Brandenburg/Berlin" (INKA-BB), SP 22: Sustainable management of glacial lakes of Brandenburg in climate change.Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ 01 LR 0803DPeriod: 05/09 - 10/14
  5. Towards a better understanding of bloom forming toxic cyanobacteria.Client: Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)Period: 07/08 - 12/13
  6. Joint project NITROLIMIT - Nitrogen limitation in inland waters - Is nitrogen reduction ecologically meaningful and economically justifiable? Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ 033L041APeriod: 09/10 - 12/13
  7. Collaborative project: Life cycle of Nostocales - a specific dynamic component for the prediction of cyanobacterial blooms in lakes and impounded waters, part 1 (German-Israeli water technology cooperation).Sponsor: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ 02WT0985Period: 04/08 - 08/12
  8. Development potential of toxic nostocal cyanobacteria in the process of trophic reduction and global warming (NOSTOTOX).Sponsor: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, FKZ 0330792BPeriod: 05/07 - 04/10
  9. Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and Cylindrospermopsin in waters of the Berlin region - occurrence, causes, effects (CYLIN).Client: KompetenzZentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH (KWB)Period: 02/04 - 02/07
  10. Guideline-based assessment procedure for phytoplankton in lakes of Germany; R+D project.Client: Working Group of the Federal States on Water (LAWA)Period: 01/04 - 06/05
  11. Investigation of Leitbild biocoenoses and determination of a reference status for phytoplankton in surface waters of Brandenburg in the context of the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive.Client: Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Regional Planning (MLUR) of the State of BrandenburgPeriod: 11/00 - 11/02
  12. Elaboration of guiding principles and action concepts for the responsible design and sustainable development of their near-natural areas; project association: "Niederlausitzer Bergbaufolgelandschaft" (LENAB)Client: Federal Ministry of Education and Research,Period: 01/95 - 06/98
Curriculum Vitae
  • 1983 - 1988: Study of biology, specialization in plant physiology at the Humboldt University of Berlin.
  • 1987 - 1993: Research student (PhD student) in the Department of Ecology, Section of Biology, Humboldt University of Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Johannes-Günther Kohl
  • 1993: Doctoral thesis on "Studies on the determination of type and degree of growth limitations of planktonic cyanophyceans as a contribution to the causal analysis of algal mass developments".
  • Since 1993: Scientific assistant at the Department of Aquatic Ecology (Previously Chair of Water Protection) of the BTU Cottbus; collaboration in various research projects